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Susan Harris , United States of America
KBrilliant Buttons

Icon Sub-Sets by apachelogger 15 comments

I was searching for KDE buttons for my website, and I found your's right away. Thank you so much for sharing these with the world. It has helped me in not havening to create some myself *laughs*
Thank you again. - Apr 14 2008

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by bisiek 227 comments

I have been looking around this site and happily stumbled upon this app. I was very excited, and showed my husband when he got home. (I am not that good when it comes to installing new things onto the computer as he is.)
He proceeded to tell me that he really liked this app. and downloaded it for me, and installed it.
No errors acured while installing it, but some happened once it was up and running.
He announced that it was installed and up and running, so I came over to look. I was very happy with what it looked like.
He moused over the icons to show me how it resembles that of OSX, and in the middle of mousing over the icons, the dock disappeared.

Any reason as to why this would happen?

I use Kubuntu 7.10 with KDE 3.5.5 - Mar 18 2008