10   Jan 24 2021
Excellent theme. Would like to report a bug. Terminal with multiple tabs. The tab in focus doesn't stand out enough.

GTK3 Themes
by g-nome

10   Jan 23 2021
Excellent variation of the Arc theme. Was attracted by the Dark Green but ended up liking the Dark Blue better.
Obsidian 2

GTK3 Themes
by madmaxms

8   Jan 22 2021
Nice dark theme with very nice colors. Minus side: the title bar is bad (too big, and windows control buttons are weird mac imitation, traditional Linux style buttons)
Adapta Colorpack

GTK3 Themes
by joshaby

8   Jan 21 2021
Need some screenshots. The choice is confusing. I guess Nokto meams dark, Eta means "a bit more compact". Like the Nockto-Eta version. But unfortunately Teal color is missing. Hope you will have time to add.
10   Jan 19 2021
I love these non-mac themes! Like the slim titlebar. Wish you could make a dark with color titlebar. Thanks
10   Jan 11 2021
I am now 100% Arc (theme & icons) thank you
10   Jan 11 2021
Bumped rating to 10. This author is the best.
10   Jan 11 2021
OMG, this author is extraordinary. I wish there is a brighter glow around the border of the window in the forefront. Like you did for the Solarized theme. Is it simple do customize that? If so can you show me how to do?
Uos-Dark [deepin v20]

Full Icon Themes
by zayronXIO

9   Jan 05 2021
9 excellent, very nice thanks

GTK3 Themes
by eliverlara

9   Dec 30 2020
9 excellent - almost perfect. Like the "Juno" colors , slim title bar, standard buttons. But the very dark titlebar make harder to distinguish the windows, when they overlap. Is there any simple edits I could do to change the color of the title bar?
7   Dec 23 2020
7 good, color a bit too bright, titlebar too big.

GTK3 Themes
by paulxfce

10   Dec 17 2020
The only author who knows how to create thin title bar

GTK3 Themes
by jannomag

10   Dec 17 2020
Very well design, comes with icon theme as well. If you add better screenshots, this would promote better this excellent theme

GTK3 Themes
by g-nome

6   Aug 04 2020
6 okay, becomes confusing when several windows overlap. With a less dark titlebar this would probably improve

GTK3 Themes
by paulxfce

10   Jul 23 2020
Unsurpassable design. Would like to see some color accents. And I am NOT asking for the macOS 3 windows buttons. It's just that the overall Black and White for everything looks sad.
We10X icon theme

Full Icon Themes
by yeyushengfan258

10   Jul 03 2020
Excelent, nice color palette. Would appreciate if you use specific icons for LibreOffice apps instead of re-using those of MS Office

GTK3 Themes
by ju1464

7   Jul 01 2020
Nice colors. Titlebar too big. Window control buttons should hint better close/min/max.
10   Jun 29 2020
The best keep being better! Thanks for blue version right at 1st release. Ok to add the same Manjaro green as well? Bug report: maybe some instabilities, the titlebar become transparent in Gnome Tweak. Right pane (the content) is hidden by left pane. Must double click on titlebar to maximize the window for correct rendering.

Full Icon Themes
by Cybernix

10   Jun 26 2020
Very nice, better than those Mac imitation or circle icons
4   Jun 23 2020
When windows overlap, the readability is greatly reduced. In particular, multitabs terminal is very hard to read, everything is black. It looks like this theme is designed more to appear black than to be readable. The provides zip are confusing: xxx_3-36_1.47.zip and xxx_1.47.zip what are the difference? Buggy theme, titlebar be come transparent. Must move mouse around to redisplay the titlebar.