FreeBSD vs Linux

Wallpapers BSD by afaa 8 comments

Looks a lot like COPYRIGHTED artwork to me. - Apr 26 2006
Kde Ice Age

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by Waltin 9 comments

The edges of the Logo need some smoothenig. Inserting that detail's the whole point of the image and you messed it up! - Apr 22 2006

Wallpaper Other by murcialego 1 comment

The REAL Enzo. Finally. - Apr 18 2006

Wallpaper Other by murcialego 2 comments

Why should he? - Apr 16 2006

Wallpaper Other by Elnyne 2 comments

In my opinion the WP looks good. It's just the .gif format that totally spoils it. If you still have the original .xcf, please save it as a .png or .jpg so the gradients won't get all messed up. - Apr 04 2006
branches and sky

Wallpaper Other by cero 2 comments

Ich kann mir zusammenreimen, was es heißt, und die Assoziation mit dem Frühling finde ich gar nicht schlecht, aber da das hier ja eine englischsprachige Seite ist, bekämst Du sicher mehr gut-stimmen, wenn Du das Bild auch in Englisch hier reinstellen würdest.
Welche nordische Sprache ist das eigentlich? Schwedisch?

Habe das mal von Google übersetzen lassen, da das ja wie gesagt eine englischsprachige Seite ist. :-D
(Since this is an English Site as I mentioned before, I had Google translate the above. Enjoy.)

I can zusammenreimen myself, which it is called, and which does not find association with spring at all I badly, but since that is a English-language side here, bekaemst you reliably more are correct, even if you would clean-place the picture here in English. Which nordische language is actually that? Swedish?

GOOGLE ROCKS!!!!!!! - Mar 24 2006
Slack and Sporty

Wallpapers Slackware by xbrunox 3 comments

It's a really nice image. But it saya "Copyright © 2000-2006 deviantART, Inc., All Rights Reserved.
No portions of deviantART may be used without expressed, written permission." at the bottom of the page. So I'm not sure about the GPL-License. :-/ - Feb 08 2006
Linux machine

Wallpaper Other by Ura 2 comments

actually looks like an all right idea to me, just does'nt have this final bit that would make me use it. Maybe colourize the image of the face and use something else than white for the background? - Feb 08 2006
Unusual suspects

Wallpaper Other by nowon 2 comments

The Village People are back!!! Now they're going to torture all of us with their YMCA! Get earplugs as long as you can!

;-) - Feb 08 2006
Evening Stars

Wallpaper Other by oMasta0 4 comments

The image is called "Evening Stars". But there are some in front of that moon(?). Is that intended? - Jan 25 2006
Linux Thugette with crosshair

Wallpaper Other by linuxgangster 6 comments

To me the only creepy thing here is that linuxgangster wrote he can actually see JimmyJazz.
That totally freaks me out! :-D - Dec 07 2005
Tot Sants

Wallpaper Other by euagal 5 comments

I think this is quite funny.
You have to be root though, to use the "r"-option, dont't you? - Nov 02 2005
Learn your ABC

Wallpaper Other by papak 2 comments

I'll keep it in English since this since this is requested
I quite like this WP. Just a few suggestions if you don't mind.
As far as I know the term "ABC" is not common in English. I'd use "alphabet".
Also, you used different forms for the ABC-words. It may be intended since theres no such word as "atomical". But I think I'd still change the middle one to "biological".
Keep it up. - Oct 26 2005

Wallpaper Other by jeison 3 comments


Being European I have no clue what I'm looking at in this picture. I can see that it is some large building and some of the wood seems worn, so it's probably pretty old. I could imagine that this antenna-like thing in the background is some religious thing.
Please give us foreigners some more information so we can appreciate this a little more. How old is it? What's the purpose of the building? Is it a temple? Or some kind of palace? An old Hotel? - Sep 10 2005

Wallpaper Other by iCr4aS 3 comments

Thanx. :-) - Aug 29 2005
get root or die trying

Wallpaper Other by geronimo89 3 comments

Cool WP.
But what's that black thing in the bottom right corner? Looks kind of fuzzy. - Aug 24 2005

Wallpaper Other by smashse 1 comment

Don't know if you knew it. There are German-speaking people in Brasil as far as I know so I'm probably not telling you anything new but "bunt" is the German word for "colourful". Which is probably what Ubuntu is. :-) - Aug 24 2005

Wallpaper Other by iCr4aS 3 comments

Love it!
Would you mind making one with a really huge no-ties-symbol? - Aug 24 2005

Wallpaper Other by mfriedrichs 6 comments

No, BSD doesn't.
;-> - Aug 24 2005
Power Breakfast

Wallpaper Other by ToyBox 2 comments

Don't know much about coffee since I don't drink any but this WP definitely misses something - one of these bubbles with the Kaffeine Icon in it. ;-)
Like the WP. - Aug 24 2005
RTFM - white

Wallpaper Other by Vurdak 1 comment

(Where's the f***ing preview)
;-) - Jul 28 2005
kool desktop 0.1

Wallpaper Other by NinoAnima 1 comment

...but I'll change the BGColor before using it. (Hate white.)
What about posting it as a transparent PNG anyways? - Jul 09 2005
Red Tux

Wallpaper Other by okami89 1 comment

Please! - Jul 09 2005

Beaches and Oceans by 3dillusion 2 comments

maybe add a diving penguin? - Mar 23 2005
Intel Pentium 4

Wallpaper Other by HighGhost 4 comments

Can be downloaded on:
Direct URL: - Mar 10 2005

Wallpaper Other by 1981Neo 4 comments

Mac's not Apple...
Rain's not Water...
.... - Mar 10 2005
Daily Work

Wallpaper Other by mat 4 comments

Should be in the screenshot-section. - Mar 08 2005

Wallpaper Other by Phere 2 comments

I heard the fire thing is a really simple to use feature in the current Gimp. Is that right? - Mar 08 2005
Tux will asimilate u (transparent png)

Wallpaper Other by zvonSully 2 comments

then you spelled it this way in the first WP as well. And in the splash screen.
Please use two "s" as in "assimilate". - Feb 23 2005
vienna by night

Wallpaper Other by shiva 2 comments

... use a tripod. - Feb 23 2005

Wallpaper Other by adityarr 1 comment

Quite like those WPs though I'm using SuSE.
But what is that yellow stuff on the moon in the WP with the red background? - Feb 18 2005
Happy New Year

Wallpaper Other by zmeden 1 comment

Nice thought, the problem (in my opinion) is that the background is boring.
Make that an artistical firework. - Jan 08 2005

Wallpaper Other by CHILENO1 1 comment

The design in nice but to me this WP looks like it's not finished.
You could probably try to make all the white space transparent and put it on top of something else.
Just a suggestion.

Keep it up. - Dec 27 2004

Wallpaper Other by RiKoRn 1 comment

Thanks! - Dec 22 2004

Wallpaper Other by RiKoRn 1 comment

"so" - Dec 21 2004
Yoper Reloaded

Wallpaper Other by diegopiacc 4 comments

Since I'm no Yoper yooser I' prefer the WP without the Y in the foreground, but that's besides the point.
The point is: I've hardly ever seen so many JPG artefacts. That's something you should REALLY change.

Keep it up. - Dec 16 2004
Magpi in boots

Wallpaper Other by photodharma 30 comments

btw: Your post is a waste of bandwidth, too. - Dec 07 2004

Wallpaper Other by breg 1 comment

Nice WP.
It's just that (if I'm not mistaken) the getch()-function is contained in the windows.h header file and so is no good on unix.
I don't like violet, but I can change that myself.
Other than that I like it. - Dec 03 2004
Odin Owns Ye All

Wallpaper Other by fenriswolf 2 comments

Lack of tolerance is weakness of character.

Grow up! - Nov 05 2004

Wallpaper Other by mvc 4 comments

This picture is really good. Where did you take it? (It's probably contained in the title but I don't speak French.)

The link works for me. (As you probably gathered. :-> ) But it needs a preview. - Oct 22 2004

Wallpaper Other by linuxgfx 1 comment

Thank you. - Oct 22 2004
Devil Inside

Wallpaper Other by r1a2w3 4 comments

The funny thing about this BSD WP is that there's no Devil visible whatsoever, instead the background looks just like a Debian swirl. - Oct 15 2004
Simple Yoper Wallpaper 1

Wallpaper Other by constructor 2 comments

Too much of Yoper, not enough of a wallpaper. Should be transparent at least.

Also, there are way too many WPs on this page that are for just one distribution. - Oct 07 2004
Linux.simply different

Wallpaper Other by emuboy 3 comments

Thanx! - Sep 29 2004

Wallpaper Other by utm32T 1 comment

Finde die Schrift nicht so besonders gut gemacht.

Abgesehen davon wäre es unnötig, sich überhaupt zu bewegen, wenn der Weg tatsächlich das Ziel wäre. - Sep 27 2004
Linux.simply different

Wallpaper Other by emuboy 3 comments

Seems like you just filled the areas at the top and the bottom with black colour. Which is OK, it just filled the edges of two keys right underneath the top black area as well, the "s" and "f2" keys on the right and some other one on the left.
Other than this I like this WP better than the prior two versions. - Sep 22 2004
Lost world

Wallpaper Other by kosmo 1 comment

This WP looks like you put quite some effort in it.
But IMHO the mountains look like they are placed on top of the landscape. I think the mountains are OK where they are, just some of the sides are too vertical to my taste.
Also I think it could add a nice effect to colour the sky and landscape differently.

Keep it up. - Sep 21 2004

Wallpapers Windows by sgwallpapers 6 comments

Good WP.
But those links for resolutions above 1024 seem to cause some databank error.
Please get the links fixed. - Sep 10 2004

Wallpaper Other by meNGele 3 comments

What about another one with a Network card? [ for all of us internet junkies ;-) ]
Would have to be a different perspective though so people can see the RJ45's. - Sep 04 2004

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by mjrice 1 comment

Thanks! - Sep 03 2004