Would it be possible to paint the background picture under firefox window too? - Feb 01 2011
Today i installed kde 4.6 and upgraded nvidia drivers to 260.19.36, but unfortunately the (not so important after all) issue remains. - Jan 27 2011
Here happens with kde 4.5.5 + nvidia driver version 260.19.29
Screen resolution is 1280x1024 (2560*1024) - Jan 24 2011
CurveDomina Qtcurve

QtCurve by koko2k 17 comments

I'm glad you liked the theme!

Maybe it is better to post your work on another page, so that each one will be mantained separately to reflect new qtcurve updates/settings, new ideas and so on ;) - Jan 21 2011
As you can see in the screenshots , when i maximize a window some part of the decoration falls to the other screen.
I'm using an nvidia card with a twinview setup.

Note: this only happens if window effects (xrender or opengl) are active

Firefox window maximized in the right screen, you can see a little vertical white line on the left screen, i painted a red box around it.

Firefox window maximized in the left screen, you can see a white point in the right screen (you have to zoom to see it well), i painted a red circle around it.

Link to qtcurve setting:

Thanks. - Jan 21 2011
Quick Browser/Menu

Plasma 4 Extensions by 8siem 1 comment

Definitely a lost feature in the switch from kde3.
Even lxde and xfce provides it. - Jan 20 2011
Quick Usb Formatter

System Software by chakra-project 32 comments

It would be fine to add an option to install grub too ;) - Jan 17 2011
SHOUTcast service

Amarok 2.x Scripts by cotko 47 comments

It doesn't work anymore for me:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<response><statusCode>441</statusCode><statusText>devId or k usage limit reached</statusText><statusDetailText>USAGE_LIMIT</statusDetailText></response>
- Dec 31 2010
Hi, when i try to export my style via the export option and then reimport it, the style is totally different; see:

Before exporting:

After importing the exported style:

This is the exported packed file:

While this is the original stylerc:

diffing the content of the packed file with the original stylerc outputs a lot of differences.
- Dec 21 2010
(gtk2 works fine with 1.8.1 version) - Dec 17 2010
I noticed some inconsistencies between qt4 and gtk2 appaerances, here:
i outlined how menu bar looks different and also how the background image painted under gtk doesn't tile as the qt4 one.

This is my style:
However, when i try to import it, something seems wrong.

So here's my: .config/qtcurve dir:

thanks - Dec 17 2010

Plasma Themes by nameless89 86 comments

http://www.2shared.com/file/MYIG-AxV/action-overlays.html - Dec 14 2010
STDIN Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions by PlasmaFactory 94 comments

Thank you very much, i've had to patch it by hand because of chunk errors, but it works as expected now! - Dec 06 2010
Setting a custom gradient with alpha values =/= 100 for popup menus, leads to graphical corruption.

tested with nvidia binary driver with effects turned on; xrender and opengl backend.

Thanks! - Dec 02 2010
BlackOxygen reloaded

Plasma Themes by XenoPL 3 comments

Yeah, oxygen is missing that too.
Unfortunately is not a surprise that some kde features aren't updated properly between releases.
Thanks for the fix! - Nov 20 2010
BlackOxygen reloaded

Plasma Themes by XenoPL 3 comments

actionOverlays.svgz is missing the arrowup icons - Nov 19 2010

Plasma Themes by nameless89 86 comments

There's a problem with a missing image when hovering the mouse pointer over a folder icon in folder view.

Missing icon with your theme:
How it looks with air:
http://www.imagebam.com/image/39151f107234647 - Nov 19 2010
It would be nice to have the ability to choose a custom background color for popup menus if one want it to be different from background or menubar ones.

...QtCurve rocks! - Nov 17 2010
Well, there's no crash :)
I've had several crashes at home on gtk when trying the same settings (or at least i think) and open a menu, it happened everytime, then i started to write the subject here, but on my work pc i couldn't reproduce it and i forgot to correct the message, sorry.

Anyway i emailed you the screenshots you requested about the other issue with settings file and background image.

- Nov 12 2010
Hi, i just downloaded the new version (thanks), i've set a background image from file and make a gradient which goes from full trnasparency to full opacity.
i've set that gradient to menubars and window borders.
I expected qtcurve to spread that gradient across menubar and title bar (infact, it works for color value shading)m to make those background image smoothly disappears.
Unfortunately, it seems that alpha value doesn't 'spread' like the color value.
I hope i was clear :)

Also, menubar alpha value is ignored in gtk. - Nov 12 2010
CurveDomina Qtcurve

QtCurve by koko2k 17 comments

I know, i'm an archer too, but i still prefer qtcurve for windec, the one i really miss is the kstyle one :( - Nov 12 2010
All is explained twice some comments ago :) - Oct 26 2010
Great ^_^ - Oct 22 2010
Would it be possible to draw the background picture on the window decoration too please?

thanks :) - Oct 22 2010
Cleanlook style works flawlessy.
Anyway, applied the patch and it solved the problem, great!

Thank you again, qtcurve rocks! - Oct 14 2010

TV & Streaming by zarlino 54 comments

I use mplayer phonon backend under arch linux.
find it for kubuntu and set it to the highest priority in your kde phonon settings. - Oct 14 2010
Sorry, a bug in the site wont allow me to reply to the other thread.

Thank you very much for your efforts, i will try as soon as i'm home. - Oct 14 2010
Do you mean the kstyle cleanlook or are you referring to a qtcurve setting? (i've no cleanlook setting in qtcurve btw)

I'll try as soon as possible in the afternoon. - Oct 14 2010
I made a mistake, form me that problem happens on item lists like the one showing the effects in systemsettings or in the phonon configuration.

I have to disable any
"mouse over" effects
"alter background by"
both settings together give me the disappearing bug.

You can check my settings right here:

I'm able to reproduce the bug by setting that style, showing the kde window effects, select the second tab (all effects) and then passing the mouse cursor over the list and then outside, as soon as the mouse is off the list, some items aren't visible anymore. - Oct 13 2010
Driver version?
2.12 here and i see widgets disappearing - Oct 13 2010
This happens to me too, but only on intel GMA GPU.
Nvidia with the same settings works well.
What's yours? - Oct 13 2010

TV & Streaming by zarlino 54 comments

"it" doesn't suck at all.
You have an issue with your phonon backend. - Oct 12 2010
STDIN Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions by PlasmaFactory 94 comments

Great plasmoid.

Every time i change kwin
decoration,widget style, window manager and maybe other things, the plasmoid lose font settings.
Restarting plasma-desktop or just enternig the plasmoid configuration and exits via "ok" button fixes it.

Is this a dead project btw? - Oct 01 2010
Grouping Desktop

Plasma 4 Extensions by giucam 93 comments

First, good job!
Is there a way to set the background color of the 'grouping widget' to transparent? - Sep 30 2010
I understand your point.
Btw i still use compiz over kwin for performance reasons. - Sep 29 2010
Any hope qtcurve window decorator will be compatible with compiz "kde4-window-decorator"?
Most of the decorator engines works out of the box,
but with qtcurve i've missing decorations or black buttons and i'm unable to drag windows by the titlebar. - Sep 28 2010
Xt7-Player (for gambas2, outdated)

Video Apps by koko2k 31 comments

Yes i would like to definitely make this depends on qt4, but unfortunately gambas qt4 bindings will come for gambas3 only, and it is still in alpha (maybe beta?) stage.
I don't know about any distribution which already packages gambas3, so i'm just sitting waiting just like you ^_^ - Sep 24 2010
Great to know! - Sep 16 2010
Oky, i will try now - Sep 16 2010
Rings and squares are really nice, but I'd really wish to have the ability to set a custom background image from (say) a png. - Sep 16 2010
Meanwhile, can you tell me what line i should add to preview the feature?

Great work btw! - Sep 16 2010
I can't change the tooltips gradient,
it always defaults to "standard gradient" - Sep 16 2010

Dolphin Service Menus by koko2k 54 comments

Here it comes:
http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php/7zG+service+menu?content=132673 - Sep 16 2010
CurveDomina Qtcurve

QtCurve by koko2k 17 comments

Just read the description carefully ;) - Jul 05 2010
CurveDomina Qtcurve

QtCurve by koko2k 17 comments

Thank you,
Well, the font used is Segoe UI from Vista/Seven. - Jul 03 2010
Thank you very much for the work around.
Keep up the good work! - Jul 02 2010
When "Round all borders" is set and no composite manager is running, the bottom corners becomes black while top corners are fine.
Is this a bug?

Here is an example:
http://omploader.org/vNHRhdQ/4d.png - Jul 02 2010
Would it be possible in a future release to set a custom background color for popup/pulldown menues?

Thank for your great work! - Jul 02 2010
Indeed, it seems that changing:
in mystylename.qtcurve Sslved my problem.
It is a bug? - Jun 30 2010
I'm trying to replicate the style of agua2 and milk presets to make menu and titlebar looks contiguos.

How can i get rid of the white border on the side of the menubar as shown here, please, i think i tried everything and this it's driving me mad!

- Jun 29 2010