Cursors by markitos66 20 comments

Thanks. Do you have installed it on gnome or kde? because I have tested it in gnome with compiz, and it's working very good. Greetings. - Apr 28 2013

Cursors by markitos66 10 comments

Is a pleasure to share my artwork. Only let us agree as we will.
Thanks. - Apr 16 2013

Cursors by markitos66 20 comments

I did some animation tests and you're right. I changed all animations except left_ptr, hand2 and watch cursors. Now you can download ElasticRing X11 cursor theme, and you must delete the previous issue using the following statement
Quote:sudo rm -r /usr/share/icons/ElasticRing

and then follow the installation instructions.
Thank you. - Apr 14 2013

Cursors by markitos66 20 comments

On a scale of 1 to 5, what would the animation speed given by you, assuming that 1 is the current animation speed? Thanks in advance. - Apr 13 2013
Dark Mystique v1.0

VLC Skins by martindilling 5 comments

It's one of my favorites and now is my default vlc skin for long time. No space required for controls. Fully minimalistic. Cool job. - Mar 24 2013

Cursors by markitos66 8 comments

Thank you for your appreciation. What would be your advice for this cursor theme be easy to see? Thanks in advance. - Mar 22 2013

Cursors by nickikn1973 6 comments

You must do it the default pointer, writting in terminal:

~ $: sudo gedit /usr/share/icons/default/index.theme

changing the line 'Inheritis....' and leaving it like this:


using capital letters in the name, because the name of the pointer is that, according to the author. - Nov 21 2012
Fish Black

Cursors by markitos66 2 comments

Thank you. There you have the sources. I'm writing an article on my recent blog, where I will explain how to make a x11 mouse theme.
my blog is: www.ubuntu-lustrar.blogspot.com. - Nov 13 2012