Breeze Serie for Righties

Cursors by markitos66 80 comments

Thanks for commenting and vote positively for my artwork. After much work, I could publish it.

I like so much my new Breeze-White version. It fits as ring to finger on my Pantheon desktop environment of my Elementary OS distribution. - Mar 24 2015
Magnificent modification of Tux cursor of MasterSeven. Congratulations and Welcome to our community.

Marcus Haro. - Mar 11 2015
Pointing Hand

Cursors by markitos66 9 comments

Thanks for commenting.
And yes, I will think about your idea for modify the pointer called no-drop.

Thank you, again. - Feb 26 2015

Cursors by markitos66 5 comments

I am thinking in make it like a serie, using several colors: Aqua, Black, Lime, Magenta, Orange, Red, White and Yellow.

As is slightly translucent to help you position it quickly and correctly, I will maintain the large size for people who have some issue with your eyes.

What do you think, about above? - Feb 16 2015
Ultimate Edition Chameleon Blue & Red is ready from Copy. Please download it from next link:

Marcus Haro - Feb 02 2015
Don't worry, Is not bother for me.
Chameleon? As you said, I have an Ultimate Chameleon version with six colours. Do you want a new version just with two colours: Red & Yellow or Red & Blue?.
What's version of Ultimate Edition would you like? the old 1.06 or the new 2.5.0.

Marcus Haro - Jan 29 2015
This cursor is unstroked and just shadows. It is a single color. Sorry, I can not combine. Maybe I could degrade from blue to red color. I need much time to do it because it is fully animated. Each animation has 32 pictures.
Send me a picture of the main cursor, to see exactly what you want.
Thank You. - Jan 22 2015

Cursors by markitos66 5 comments

Please follow the instructions:
There are instructions for several desktop environments: Gnome, Unity, Cinnamon,Pantheon, KDE and Xfce.
Thanks. - Nov 28 2014
Maya Serie

Cursors by markitos66 23 comments

I appreciate your comments flattering for Maya. It is my honor to receive so many comments of acceptance for this mouse theme. I appreciate your fine attention.

Marko Haro. - Aug 29 2014
Maya Serie

Cursors by markitos66 23 comments

Thanks for your comments, I appreciate it.
On the other hand, I see welcome that your theme Red&Orange is working very well, and is being happily accepted: congratulations for this great theme.

Marko Haro. - Aug 29 2014
Maya Serie

Cursors by markitos66 23 comments

Dear P Scott,
I am using elementaryOS. What's the yours?

On the page description, I give a link for those who don't know how install a mouse theme with multisized property. That link is

Textually for gnome or Unity:
4- To update the cursor theme and cursor size: Search for and install Dconf Editor in Software Center.
5- Use next Command, changing theme's name and the current cursor size to your custom cursor size xx. Could also use 24, 32, 40, 48 or 56 pixels.

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface cursor-theme ThemeName && gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface cursor-size xx

If you wish choose the cursor theme and cursor size, using the Dconf editor graphic interface (GUI), then launch it, an go org-->gnome-->desktop-->interface.

6- Finally, create or edit the ~/.Xresources file using next command:
gedit ~/.Xresources

Add the following two lines. Change ThemeName and xx to match size defined in previous step:
Xcursor.theme: ThemeName
Xcursor.size: xx

7- Save, close and reboot.

If are using Cinnamon, on point 5 change gnome by cinnamon.

That works well for me under Pantheon Desktop Environment, but i don't know under Cinnamon: If anybody proof, I hope for reply.

Marko Haro. - Aug 16 2014
Maya Serie

Cursors by markitos66 23 comments

Dear Jerry Frazee,
Look, I don't have found something to resolve the change of default cursor size in linux Mint. Are you working with Cinnamon Desktop Environment?

My recommendation is, for a while, that you download Maya-Orange as Package. If you like the cursor-size 40, by example, then install Maya-Orange40, and you never will have no problems with the default cursor size, because will be 40px.

Here is the link:

When I find the way to do with mouse theme multi sized, I will tell you how to do it.

Marko Haro. - Aug 15 2014
Maya Serie

Cursors by markitos66 23 comments

Dear P Scott
Glad you liked the different colours of the mouse themes.

Thanks for reply,
Marko Haro. - Aug 14 2014
Maya Serie

Cursors by markitos66 23 comments

There are applications that works only with the default cursor, as Chromium Web Browser and Google Chrome. If you don't make Maya-Orange as default cursor, you always will see the default cursor, and the cursor-size default.

In your case, it seems that your default cursor is DMZ-Black with 24 pixels as cursor size. You see the main cursor (the black arrow) , text cursor, grabbing cursor (closedhand) and hand2 cursor (pointing_hand).

What do you must do after select Maya-Orange cursor theme with tweak-tools, ubuntu-tweak, or another Desktop Settings Tool?

You must edit, as root, the index.theme system file located in /usr/share/icons/default, changing the name present after of "=", sign to theme's name.

Use next command:
sudo gedit /usr/share/icons/default/index.theme

Save, close and reboot. That's all.

Thanks for comments, Marko Haro. - Aug 14 2014
Maya Serie

Cursors by markitos66 23 comments

Dear P Scott,
After reading your broad idea of colors for this theme, I have decided for now to build this pointer theme using the white color. I will order my ideas to choice the colors most used in these types of issues, as they are: green, orange and blue.
I appreciate your ideas of colors proposed by you, and the advice about the icons's transparencies.

If you wish to participate in the choice of colors, I will send you a link to download the icons's images, before building it. What do you think?

Thank you,
Marko Haro. - Aug 11 2014
Maya Serie

Cursors by markitos66 23 comments

P Scott,
Thanks for your comments. This pointer theme, was developed and was published differently that all my themes. First with 32 pixel icons and go correcting, adding new sizes, and so on. Also there are the theme for lefties.

Color options would be wonderful. If you could give me an idea of those colors I'd appreciate it.

Thanks again, and I hope your help,
Marko Haro. - Aug 09 2014

Cursors by obnosim 31 comments

Right now I downloaded your mouse theme, and I have seen that all legacy symlinks are missing. Also the cursor.theme file is needed. The index.theme apparently is not totally right. You have to fix the issue, because it not working well.
If you want help, with a pleasure I can help you. Only send me a private message, and a link to the icons source, either png or svg format.

MarkoF - Jul 21 2014
Mint Leaf

Cursors by markitos66 9 comments

You're right. I had to work too hard to achieve this elegant and expected theme; i have several friends who asked me to build a theme related to a leaf.

I have another called Simple Leaft. Is similar to Mint Leaft: has different icons and the animations are similars but not equal.

Soon I will build this theme but for lefties: when I started to build mouse themes, there was only one theme for them. Today I have built and published fifteen themes for lefties, including Oxygen and DMZ in black and white colors.

Thanks for commenting,
MarkoF. - Jul 18 2014
Alkano Serie for Righties

Cursors by markitos66 19 comments

You must first download it. But exist a issue: the file downloaded has a .cursorFX file extension.
The cursorFX file extension is associated with a program for customizing cursors in Windows called CursorFX, developed and sold by Stardock.

A *.cursorFX file contains a cursor theme which when applied to the system completely overhauls cursors and mouse effects in Windows.

Free version of CursorFX offers only some features that are part of a *.cursorFX theme. Mouse effects for example are only available in Pro version of the product.

Extract images of the subject, and builds the topic regularly.

If you want do it, still after all, i can help you to build it.
Thanks. - Jun 12 2014
leaf Simple

Cursors by markitos66 16 comments

I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Thanks for commenting.
Greetings, Marko. - Jun 02 2014
I'm sorry, but the middle circle is flashing along 8192 ms to locate it. Several mouse themes do something to locate it. But if you tell me what color you are using, I'm going build it without effect, and then upload it to Dropbox, for you get it.

Thanks for commenting. - May 31 2014
leaf Simple

Cursors by markitos66 16 comments

Did you follow the instructions on the page? What Linux distribution and desktop environment have you installed on your computer?

go to

and only follow the instructions.

Good luck! - May 18 2014

Cursors by Imarcescivel 85 comments

Friend Jinx, I too like the nostalgic. I give + because it is simple but elegant and well polished.
Thank you. - May 18 2014
Xenon Blue Left Handed

Cursors by markitos66 2 comments

Your request is done, now i still hope your positive vote, if you liked it.
Thanks. - May 09 2014
Xenon Blue

Cursors by markitos66 3 comments

Thanks my friend. I like your new profile photo: it's funny.

Well, Xenon mouse theme, isn't a copy of Starcraft, but a almost fully modification. Is like but not equal. Starcraft is also too small.

Thanks because you became a Xenon's fan. - May 09 2014
You can download the mouse theme requested for you. I hope you like it. If so, could you vote up?


thanks. - May 08 2014
Do you want that I make the Starcraft 3D cursor theme for left handed? I have made several cursor themes that users, like you, of this site have asked me. With pleasure I would build it.

If you could comment in English language, I appreciate it.

Thank you. - May 05 2014
I have restored the instruction link.
Instructions for Gnome, Unity, Cinnamon, Pantheon, KDE and Xcfe.
Thanks for commenting. - Apr 20 2014

Cursors by markitos66 2 comments

I was trying to get a variation of the theme Pliner, and got this topic. Plines is fully animated, and this one no.

I will keep trying, thanks.
greetings, Marko. - Apr 18 2014
2014 Apr 13 v1.03.00 X11 mouse theme multisized to 22 Black, 23 Blue, 24 Green, 25 Orange, 26 Red and 27 White pixels, because was too big.

You only choose the cursor size, and automatically you will choose the cursor color.

greetings, MarkoF. - Apr 13 2014

Cursors by Kver 17 comments

Interesting. Also looks great. I give Voting +. - Apr 11 2014

Cursors by herrbatka 4 comments

I like it, but I think you should change the Oxygen X_cursor cursor ,and it be a part the theme concept. You should show mouse theme's preview image, and then we can decide to download it or not.

MarkoF - Apr 07 2014
Alkano Serie for Righties

Cursors by markitos66 19 comments

You have reason. I have installed KaOS on my computer, and i have that problem.
KDE has the ability to browse and download different artwork from the website, for add new artwork to our computers, using the Get Hot New Stuff standard, which KDE supports in its System Settings preference area.

With multi sized versions there are no problems. But on the packs as they are various split theme sizes in a compressed file, here are problems to install them with the kde new stuff area.

I have seen that in my Dropbox links to artworks, they not work when I select them in New Stuff Area.
I think I should re-split my artworks - as you said me - for the reason above mentioned, and not to have to uninstall and install.

The Packs are for those who have problems installing mouse themes multisized, i am offering the sames themes as a pack with sizes: 24, 32, 40, 48, 56 and 64 pixels. But, Im sorry, no more Packs.

Thanks for commenting
- Apr 03 2014
Alkano Serie for Righties

Cursors by markitos66 19 comments

Changes made to the Alkano, are to improve it. I replaced the cursor move and dnd-move, because when an item moves to copy it, then pop up the cursor dnd-copy, with the picture that was similar to dnd-move.
The cursor xterm, I looked too big in relation to other cursors: changed it of 48-40 pixels, and also has new picture. - Apr 01 2014
leaf Simple

Cursors by markitos66 16 comments

Yes, because you are sharing it on the same site, and because it not have any change. Just you are sharing it.
I am sorry, but so are the rules.

Thanks. - Mar 28 2014
Mint Leaf

Cursors by markitos66 9 comments

Ok. I'm working in that.
Thanks - Mar 27 2014
leaf Simple

Cursors by markitos66 16 comments

lol...I think it was never to return. already i lost the sources. as the other leaf's theme has that animation, I thought of changing it. But if the community wants the previous animation, I will make it immediately.

greetings my friend,
MarkoF - Mar 24 2014
Mint Leaf

Cursors by markitos66 9 comments

Thanks for commenting, and i repeat you that I am interested about your ideas for modification the my mouse theme called Plines.

greetings, MarkoF. - Mar 24 2014
Hi, Sadi
No change on the issue. However, this new version is multi sized to: 32, 40, 48, 56 and 64 pixels.
No more 24 pixels: is very small. But the size 64 pixels could use it people with sight problems.

Thanks for comment and vote.
Greetings, Markof. - Mar 24 2014
I have an idea to build a multi sized mouse theme for Ultimate Edition.
You know if there are problems to choose the size of cursor in this distro?
If there is not, I will continue with my idea.

and thanks for commenting
greetings, MarkoF - Mar 23 2014
Mint Leaf

Cursors by markitos66 9 comments

Thanks Brahim,
Did you saw my new Ultimate Edition? I deleted all my Ultimates: red, orange,....
now i have only one page. All themes are multi sized. You can see the modifications on the page. New sizes: 32, 40, 48, 56 and 64 pixels.
Please you test them and if you want vote +

greetings, MarkoF - Mar 23 2014
leaf Simple

Cursors by markitos66 16 comments

Thanks for commenting, i am glad you like it.
I see you downloaded the last version, that's good. - Mar 20 2014
leaf Simple

Cursors by markitos66 16 comments

I am working on the building the new cursors: watch and left_ptr_watch. They are more in line than the currents. - Mar 17 2014
Nice one. Congratulations! - Mar 11 2014

Cursors by markitos66 4 comments

You only have to change the cursor size. The default size is 32 pixels, and is associated with the color green, 33 for yellow, 34 for red, 35 for blue, 36 for aqua, 37 for purple.

Please follow the installation instructions in
Thanks for commenting. - Feb 24 2014
Thanks for suggesting this color. Personally I like this mouse theme for Cinnamon desktop environment of linux mint 16 Petra. - Feb 08 2014
I am glad you like it.
Thanks friend. - Feb 08 2014
Just now you can download it:

1. Multisized version, link

2. Package version, link

If you like them, please vote +
Thanks in advance. - Feb 07 2014
Your color is less bright and less red than this mouse theme. I already did some tests and the halo appears as orange color , the above is by applied degradation to the halo.
I will follow working to finish it. I will call it Orange.
I hope you like it.
Thanks. - Feb 07 2014

Cursors by Brahimsalem 6 comments

All simlinks are wrong. These appear as plain text documents, not as pointers to a defined cursor. For example, the bottom_right_corner simlink appears as a plain text document, and inside has written the word bd_double_arrow. Please you review and correct that. - Feb 04 2014