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Sep 25 2009
Hey, this is the page for the icon theme. Can you specify which GTK theme you have this issue with? - Dec 31 2008
Haha, yes. It's a mystery to me how that single icon manages to break so many things.. perhaps as you said, the code surrounding its usage is at fault. - Dec 05 2008
There are many regressions by creating those syslinks, and they've been outlined in the two bug reports I linked to. If it were that simple, I'd just include the links myself.

Perhaps the reason the fix didn't work for you was because the cache for gnome-icon-theme didn't get refreshed, or you didn't log out after deleting gnome-icon-theme's inode-directory icons. - Dec 05 2008
I've yet to find a tango version available in all sizes. - Nov 26 2008
When there is an app that only lets its icons be themed in the menu, it means that it uses some hardcoded icon somewhere. I'll try to find out which are they and add them. However, they will only be added through 'Extras'.

As for dropbox, I don't know if it can be done. I'll take a look at the package and see, but most likely it'd be one of those things that can only be added through 'Extras' as well. - Nov 24 2008
The final revision of the new Comix logos/icons is now upstream in SVN. I also re-uploaded GNOME-Colors with the final edits to these icons. - Nov 13 2008
This should be the final design to appear on SVN soon and is the one I'm including with gnome-colors: - Nov 13 2008
Try re-downloading the theme. I first included a clover because it was the first design I came up with. The new icon i've included is probably the final one unless the Comix developer wants to play with it a little more.

The version in SVN right now is not the final version I submitted either, It'll probably appear later today. - Nov 13 2008
Ok, last night I added some icons for torrents and updated the vmware icons. That pretty much completes almost all of the TODO list.

I'm only missing the openoffice themes. I don't really know how that works across distros/dependencies and the different versions of ooo, so I will not be making them. If anyone else is familiar with making ooo themes, I encourage them to do so and submit them!

Also, as usual, feel free to suggest icons (applications, mimetypes, etc.) to be added! You can also suggest apps you want to be themed in "Extras" like I'm doing with Liferea, Exaile and Comix. I've also gotten in contact with the developer of Comix and some of the icons I've made are already upstream and will be available when Comix 4.0 is released! - Nov 12 2008
Ok, I just created and uploaded some new .torrent icons! Just re-download and they should be there.

I'm too lazy to do the emerald ones, so I probably won't do those yet. - Nov 11 2008
I've never included .torrent and .emerald icons. It's not a bad idea, though. - Nov 11 2008

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Aug 03 2009
I think this is more of an Nvidia issue, since it also happens to me on my Nvidia cards regardless of the theme I use. Perhaps trying emerald will help? - Dec 31 2008
Sadly, there's nothing I can do about openoffice menus. They don't really use GTK or GNOME so openoffice will always look a bit ugly compared to native apps. It may be even more noticeable with non-standard themes like Shiki. - Dec 31 2008
I think this happens with every GTK theme - I mean, whenever you right click, the first item is highlighted. Perhaps if you mean something like the item being auto-clicked, that would have more to do with your GNOME settings/mouse than it would do with the theme. Hope this helps. - Dec 31 2008
Once again, thanks for the input - once the holidays are over I will have the time to look into this further. The poster above has a strong opinion, but there's no need to get discouraged.

You can also use the google code page for bug reports and a more efficient discussion, if you have anything else you wish to discuss regarding the themes. - Dec 31 2008
I'll look into fixing it, it should be easy to just add the needed setting once I figure out which one it is. - Dec 31 2008
Hey, I am sorry that you've had a bad experience with the script. I have mentioned many times over that I am not by any means a script maker, therefore the script is very redundant and not efficient. However, the script is fully reversible, does not harm the system in any way and does its job which is fully transforming the system with the *-colors artwork.

It has many quick hacks and ugly copy/pasting, but it's just that. It's long and redundant for lack of scripting knowledge but it does its job regardless. Anyone is welcome to give feedback and help improve it/clean it up.

Another thing is - the script is not meant to just download things and leave it at that - it would only require 10 lines if it were just that; the script is meant as a way to install and apply everything, literally transforming the system with the *-colors artwork. Any of the "hidden" changes you mention like editing gconf and GDM files are necessary to do this, otherwise you'd only be downloading the files and doing nothing with them. Other things the script does like removing some links from the gnome-icon-theme package are done in order to fix a well known icon bug present in GNOME 2.24. Also, Some of the sleep functions are necessary for things such as emerald, etc in order to work correctly. It also installs things into /usr rather than per-user directories, since this way themes will be available to everyone and will display correctly even when running apps in root.

All the other things you mentioned do need attention. The script could be made 1/5th as long and cleaner.. the sudo stuff could use less quick hacks and using /tmp may be a better solution for storing things. Thanks for taking the time to express your concerns, since it is true that these issues need to be looked at. - Dec 16 2008
I don't really know, that depends on your panel configuration and the nature of general GNOME applets. I think other desktop environments are more friendly towards what you want. - Dec 10 2008
wait - after taking a second look, I noticed that the code you linked to uses a different parameter than the panel's (wnctasklist) so I tested it and checked if it works, but still no change. - Dec 08 2008
Well, that's precisely what I meant. It takes that setting (which is the color for prelighted buttons) and uses a darker color for it. Since it depends on that setting rather than having an independent value, there's no way to modify it without breaking the other setting. - Dec 08 2008
Personally, I agree with you. I wish I could change the flashing color, but it appears to be arbitrarily selected. I think the panel chooses a darker version of the selected background for this action, but there is no real way for me to change it. - Dec 07 2008
The theme will always use light menu text, since it assumes all GTK applications will inherit the theme's colors appropriately. Since Flock uses a theme for itself rather than following the GTK standards, I imagine the only way to fix it is to modify Flock's theme, use a different theme, or some sort of CSS that will force it to use dark menubars. - Dec 03 2008
I can't change the size of the titlebar. If I make it smaller, windows without menubars will look odd and out of place. It used to be a lot smaller when I first released the theme, but dozens of people requested the current titlebar size. - Dec 03 2008
The files are more up-to-date here. - Dec 02 2008
I just tested in an old laptop without compiz and it did show up there. Perhaps it's a metacity issue? I can't really think of anything else, since the original base code for the metacity is pretty much clearlooks/unity which are very conservative and well supported metacity themes.

By the way, what do you mean about the borders? they're only 1px thick.

If you meant the borders for the easy version - well, they're thick precisely because it's an alternate version made for easy resizing. If it didn't have thicker borders, there'd be no point in including it at all. You can always make its borders less thicks by following the instructions I posted earlier. - Dec 02 2008
Sorry, I think I misunderstood then. However, I can't reproduce it, though. In all my computers (some running compiz and some not) the diagonal arrow appears only in the green outlines you made. Regardless of where I hover, it doesn't appear in the red section. Perhaps there's some additional configuration or change you've made to elicit this behavior?

Regarding the easy metacity, you can easily change the thickness to your preference. Just open the metacity-theme-1.xml in its folder with gedit, and at the top of the document, change the values for "left_width" "right width" and bottom_height" from 3 to 1, or whatever size you want the borders to be. 1 is the setting for the normal metacity, so just use 1 if you want that look. - Dec 02 2008
No problem, glad it worked well for you! - Dec 02 2008
I've got to go to class soon, so I'll try to make it short.

First, the corner-like mouse icon you see appears only when you hover the right edge of the metacity's colored stripe.
Since the other borders of the theme are very thin (only 1px), having the ability to do a diagonal resize easily at the top is a way to get around those metacity limitations.

Secondly - about totem. This is not an issue with the theme itself, it is totem itself which is using a border around the video. It just seems more noticeable when using Shiki, due to the dark menubar. If this border still bothers you, you can try using a theme that is fully dark - rather than a hybrid theme like Shiki. Otherwise, you could also switch to a better media player, such as Gnome-Mplayer.

And thirdly, I included an alternate version of the metacity with thicker borders and the window icon instead of the circle. Just open up the appearance preferences and select "Shiki-Colors Easy Metacity". - Dec 02 2008
Hover over my user avatar and click on "other contents". There, you should find anything you're missing.

There is a set of Usplashes, but they're a bit outdated and won't work with Intrepid unless you compile them from source. - Nov 30 2008
Yes, but that one is based on a very old version of the Shiki metacity. It doesn't have all the new buttons or gradients I've added since. - Nov 25 2008
I've been meaning to add one for the longest time, but I just really don't know how to make one. I'll read some xfwm guides and tes things around, but I can't really promise anything anytime soon. - Nov 22 2008
Dust is indeed a different, separate theme. Shiki-Dust, however is a personal mod of Shiki-Colors with warm, brown colors. It really doesn't have much in common with Dust other than the name and some of the brown. - Nov 19 2008
Not really something to 'fix' as having full opacity is the norm rather than the opposite.

However, since it seems like a neat idea I added it. You'll probably see the change later when I have time to reupload. - Nov 16 2008
What do you mean? Are you sure the emerald themes are installed? They will only be installed if you are actually using emerald while the script runs. - Nov 15 2008
You can now find the latest Shiki-Dust in the google code homepage for GNOME-Colors.

I don't really want to include it in Shiki-Colors until there are gdm's/walls/icons to go along with it. - Nov 15 2008
Oh, and if you want to change the icon, go to the icon folder and replace the logout icon. I don't recommend this, since then all your logout icons and app exit icons will change as well. - Nov 14 2008
Yeah, there's no way for a theme to mess with FUSA or any other app. Try reloading or reinstalling the applet, maybe that will help.

As for the icon.. Well, that is my logout icon but there is no way to change it. It's the FUSA/Ubuntu developers who decided to put the logout icon there, so if you don't think it fits you should voice your concerns to them.

I personally don't mind it, since logging out/shutdown, etc. appears to be a major function of the applet in intrepid so it's not like it's totally out of place. - Nov 14 2008
I can't really set the size of toolbars individually. If nautilus' toolbars are larger, then this is intended by their developers.

You can, however change them globally with the GtkToolbar::internal-padding setting or xthickness and ythickness values in the toolbar section, although all that is not likely to change much.

It's easier to just change button labels to "besides icons" in the interface tab of gnome's appearance preferences. - Nov 14 2008
Sorry, I don't think I can help. I've no experience working with gnome-color chooser or its XML files. I edit all my themes manually with gedit through gtkrc files. - Nov 13 2008
I'll probably add Shiki-Dust when I port the changes back from the latest Shiki-Colors.

Shame I don't have time to create a set of icons for it, perhaps I'll just make a bunch of brown folders, upload them somewhere and call it a day. - Nov 12 2008
Try the clearlooks-only version! It's made with regular scrollbars for that purpose. - Nov 12 2008
When using the fix, the second line you mention is the same color as it would be using any other theme such as clearlooks, etc. It's the firefox default.

On the other hand, if you find that setting to be too light for you, perhaps there's a way to darken it or make it bold. I'm not sure of the code needed for that, but it should be possible with stylish. - Nov 12 2008
And a bit more on the emerald themes - I actually recommend using the included metacities rather than emerald. There's virtually no visual difference (since the theme doesn't use rounded corners and drawing round corners is emerald's only advantage over metacity).

Besides Metacity is more flexible to color changes and faster. I include the emeralds mostly for xfce users. - Nov 12 2008
Yeah, I will add a section that warns about the fonts. All I do is make them smaller, so they match with the GDM's.

You have to logout for the places thing to work. This is because I used a workaround to fix a bug in GNOME 2.24's "gnome-icon-theme" package for you. However, you have to either logout or run "sudo killall gnome-panel" for those icons to appear again. If I do not run this workaround, you will have ugly standard GNOME icons in there instead of the ones used by other icon themes. You can read more about this here:

And lastly, the script will only install emerald if it's running already. That means, if you're using an emerald theme right now, it will install and apply the emerald theme for you (and probably have that bug i mentioned when it's complete). If you're running metacity or gtk-window-decorator, then emerald themes will not be installed. I just think it's smarter to only install emerald themes if you're actually using emerald. - Nov 12 2008
Clear Night

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Aug 19 2009
Some of us do put a lot of work into the artwork we submit and learn to live with mediocre ratings when we must... Making your download links automatically vote good is perhaps the most shameless thing you can do on this site, and it seriously discourages other artists who do things properly and leave the voting up to their end users.

At the very least, you should fix your download links immediately. - Dec 29 2008
Banshee Lyrics Plugin

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Jun 04 2009
Does the included binary work for 64 bit linux, or will it have to be recompiled?

If it has to be recompiled, what packages do I need to install in Ubuntu Intrepid in order to compile the plugin's sources?

Thanks, in advance! - Dec 13 2008
Hardy-Colors Usplash

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May 03 2008
I would give splashy support, but frankly I've no knowledge of working with that system. Since you did manage to figure it out, feel free to upload your version and contribute it with others! - Dec 03 2008
No intrepid binaries yet. I think I'm going to update the code to the latest just to make sure it works best with Intrepid and that may take a while.

Also, about making your own usplash - it's not that easy. Usplash is hell, because you have to make sure all the images have the same color indexes, etc. Try going to the first page of comments, I posted a little guide on modifying/creating Usplash themes.

What music player do you mean? I don't have any put on the screenshots, although If you ask what I use, I've always used Banshee Media Player. - Nov 12 2008
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Mar 13 2009
Looks great! In the past I've used AWN but now I'm warming up to cairo-dock after trying it out. Thanks! - Nov 19 2008

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Dec 25 2008
SVG icons and PNG icons render just about the same when scaled down to small sizes.

The reason icons look blurry at small sizes is that they are created at larger sizes. For an icon to look good small, you have to draw it from scratch at the intended size. Perhaps the folder icons you're using now have simpler shapes and details so they don't scale down as badly. - Nov 14 2008

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by jonian

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Jul 08 2009
elementary Icons

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by DanRabbit

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Jul 08 2009
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Jun 10 2009