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Sep 25 2009
I'm glad it worked. I was about to test it in mandriva myself, so you saved me having to fiddle around with virtualbox.

Thanks posting the revert command for mandriva, it should be useful in case of any emergency.

For Ubuntu users, you can revert changes with:
sudo dpkg-reconfigure gnome-icon theme

Although there shouldn't be a need for that now with the improved script. - Oct 05 2008
Ok, I just tried with mandriva 2009 and it is indeed the cache. Try this revised version (the last command will rebuild the cache so don't worry and feel free to backup the folder if you're still not comfortable):

sudo rm -rf /usr/share/icons/gnome/scalable/places/inode-directory.svg
sudo rm -rf /usr/share/icons/gnome/32x32/places/inode-directory.png
sudo rm -rf /usr/share/icons/gnome/24x24/places/inode-directory.png
sudo rm -rf /usr/share/icons/gnome/22x22/places/inode-directory.png
sudo rm -rf /usr/share/icons/gnome/16x16/places/inode-directory.png
sudo rm -rf /usr/share/icons/gnome/icon-theme.cache
sudo gtk-update-icon-cache -qf /usr/share/icons/gnome - Oct 05 2008
That's odd, It's worked for me in all the machines I've tested. Did you try perhaps changing themes back and forth, and deleting icon-theme.cache from both sets?

I know Ubuntu does not include an icon-theme.cache file for GNOME icons, so perhaps Mandriva does and that's causing the issue. Can you try doing so and letting me know what happens? - Oct 05 2008
Ok, since there is a bug in gnome-icon theme for GNOME 2.24 I will now post a workaround to fix all the issues with icons that inherit from gnome-icon-theme.

type in a terminal and logout afterwards:
sudo rm /usr/share/icons/gnome/scalable/places/inode-directory.svg
sudo rm /usr/share/icons/gnome/32x32/places/inode-directory.png
sudo rm /usr/share/icons/gnome/24x24/places/inode-directory.png
sudo rm /usr/share/icons/gnome/22x22/places/inode-directory.png
sudo rm /usr/share/icons/gnome/16x16/places/inode-directory.png

There, now the bugs discussed a page back will be fixed in GNOME 2.24 (and not only for my themes, but for all other icon themes that inherit icons from gnome) - Oct 04 2008
Not all icons should be the same color, otherwise you'd have a pretty boring and monotone desktop.

Besides, application icons should be true to their applications. For example, if you colored firefox's fox green or any other color, it just wouldn't be the same. - Oct 01 2008
The openoffice icons are actually the official tango openoffice icons. I just compiled them in all sizes, but as you say, perhaps a redesign would be fine.

As for the firefox icon, that's the only tango design for it I've come across. I guess it's meant to look a bit "cartoony" since tango itself is a bit "cartoony" as well. - Oct 01 2008
I'll look into emesene. Which icon do you mean in transmission? I use transmission and the notification/tray icon is the same one (taken from the theme itself). - Oct 01 2008
I've been investigating this further, and so far the only solution is the one you've mentioned. However, inode-directory icons cause so many regressions that it's not worth including.

It basically forces the system to always use the same icon for folders. This means that you won't ever see open folders, drag n' drop folders, custom folders, visiting folders, etc.

I haven't even been able to find a bug page for this, so if you come across one, please let me know so I can find a proper fix. - Sep 30 2008
I don't think this is a gnome-colors issue, In testing the latest Ubuntu intrepid, the same happens for other icon themes. I don't recommend including an "inode-directory" however, since that makes the "home" and "drag into" folders icons show up as plain folders.

I'll try to look into this, and see if there is a fix, but I believe this is a GNOME bug.

Here's a screenshot of Ubuntu Intrepid displaying the same issue: - Sep 30 2008
Not really, if you use firefox 3, the icons should come up automatically. - Sep 28 2008
Hey, I don't really use any exotic font settings. Actually, they're quite simple. I'm using the default Ubuntu font which is "Sans" at 8px and subpixel smoothing.

I also used the following command for smoother fonts (use at your own risk):
sudo ln -sf /etc/fonts/conf.avail/10-autohint.conf /etc/fonts/conf.d/ - Sep 26 2008
Ok, I looked into this. I don't think the problem is in the theme itself, but nautilus. Nautilus uses that icon instead of a regular folder icon (you can see this same behavior with other themes) but it's more noticeable because my folder-drag-accept icon has an add sign instead of being just an open folder. - Sep 26 2008
Hmm Can you try re-downloading? It downloads fine for me. - Sep 22 2008
I don't think I should deviate from the guidelines by using text. It creates unnecessary noise in small sizes (even though it may help in large ones).

I will, however, look into it. I think perhaps using emblems/symbols, or different colors for the device icons could help differentiate them just as much as using text. What do you think? - Sep 20 2008
Ok, I've tried every possible thing, but after researching a bit, it seems Tango and GNOME icons don't play all too well with KDE.

For now, GNOME-Colors will work wherever the GNOME iconset does. I don't know the hacks required for KDE support. - Sep 13 2008
I'll try the icons under KDE, but as I said, the SVG icons should expand up to 256x256. Besides, I think it's using the 32x32px icons instead of the SVG's, so it probably has something to do with the index.theme file or some other extra configuration that is needed for KDE support.

I've rarely used KDE before, so it might take a bit to troubleshoot it. I assume you're using version 4.1, right? - Sep 08 2008
Arc-Colors GDM-Walls

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Aug 03 2009
I tried separating the buttons and giving the text more space, can you try again and see if it still shows up badly in your locale? - Oct 05 2008
Well, considering that there are all kinds of resolutions and possible combinations, it would be impossible to include a dual screen wall for every scenario.

What you can do, however, is tile the wallpaper. Simply resize it in gimp to the resolution of your main monitor, and select "Tiled". This way the wallpaper won't be stretched anymore. - Sep 20 2008
mm what kind of dual screen setup do you have? I have NVIDIA's dualview and the GDM only appears in the main monitor. There should be no reason for it to stretch, since the second monitor appears blank until after you login. - Sep 20 2008
As I mentioned above, I'm almost done with an user-list version. I'm just wondering if it's normal for the profile pictures not to show up. - Sep 12 2008
I'm almost done with a list-based version. I'll upload it later, but is it just me or do the users always show up as the icon for a person instead of the user picture? I've seen samples of other GDM's where the user picture shows up in the user list, but in my PC the users always show up as a GNOME icon representing a person.

If anyone can enlighten me on this, I'd appreciate it before I release the user-list versions. - Sep 11 2008
I'll work on a list version, but it will take some time since I've never made one. - Sep 11 2008
I actually find it quite helpful, since my computers are often used by guests or my family, which are both technically challenged groups of people. I actually get called over a lot less when using this GDM (at least when it comes to people who bother to read).

On the other hand, it would be good to have the option to disable it, but I don't know if that's possible. I guess a different position would be a solution, so perhaps I'll see if I can add instructions inside the file on how to do this on your own if you're bothered by it. - Sep 10 2008

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Aug 03 2009
ok, the only further advice i can give is to try logging out and then back in. I'm not sure why it wouldn't remove the icon otherwise. - Oct 04 2008
Hmm that depends. I use blue for my desktop PC, green for my laptop (since it's lid is colored green it matches), and orange for my family's pc.

I use the red version when I'm feeling bored of any of the other colors.

Pretty much the reason I made all of my artwork was to be able to use different color-schemes in each of my pc's, while letting everything look consistent.

I usually post my desktop in ubuntuforums's desktop threads every once in a while, and you can see that it's always pretty basic and functional. - Oct 04 2008
You should delete all the possible square icons and it's links, but only for the set you'll be using.

For example, try opening the "search for files" tool and browse to .icons/gnome-****/

Then search for the following icons:

Just mass-delete every icon with those names. You're basically purging the gnome-colors logo, so there's no reason for it to appear after that. If it still does, then I'm not sure what's going on. - Oct 03 2008
umm how about changing to another icon theme after deleting those files, and then switching back.

If it still doesn't change after that, try deleting the icon-theme.cache file and try changing icon themes and switching back once more. - Oct 03 2008
Remove all the start-here icons and their links. They're all in the places folders, and there are about 7 per folder.

in other words, go to .icons/gnome-****/scalable/places and delete all the color squares you see. Do the same for the places folders in all the other sizes (16,22,24,32).

Keep in mind that this will default you to the GNOME foot or Ubuntu's logo depending on what you're using. - Oct 03 2008
Yes, I understand where you're coming from. The 2.0 release was mostly focused on usability (easier to move, resize, click, read, etc.) and I know that too much focus on accessibility and the average joe can scare enthusiasts away.

I do, however believe that the theme should be set to cater to average joe by default. Most GNOME distributions ship bold window title fonts by default, and I'm only accomodating my theme to better cope with that fact. For Users who have more expertise and are more likely to deviate from the defaults (and say, want different font arrangements), I imagine that deleting a line or two by following my simple instructions shouldn't be a major problem.

tl;dr: I'm only trying to make Shiki adjust to the most universal settings, in order to make noobs happy. On the other hand, I encourage enthusiasts to make shiki their own by using my included instructions as a guide (since it's not difficult at all to modify shiki)

As for the old metacity, I didn't make a backup for it. Perhaps you can upload it to some file sharing service and post a comment with a link to it, so that if anyone wants it they can have it :). - Sep 30 2008
mmm well, I guess I can' please everyone. As for the bold fonts, you can disable them in the gtkrc (it's pretty much at the top of the page). The metacity didn't change in terms of sizing, only the buttons are more visible and have better prelights.. the one that's supposed to be larger and have thicker borders is the alternate metacity. - Sep 29 2008
I think the server for is back up now, so the link should be alright now! - Sep 28 2008
The new version hould make it MUCH easier to make the menu items colored.

Try changing the "bg[selected]" and "bg[prelight]" parameters in menu, menu-item, menubar and panel.rc from "#666666" to "shade (0.9, @selected_bg_color)" - Sep 28 2008
Heh, well I'm glad the changes grew on you so rather quickly. Most of the changes are for accessibility, so while they may look a bit odd at first, I've found they make things much easier on the eyes. - Sep 27 2008
Well, the decision to make the main-menu bold was to add uniformity. In most cases, people will have bold title text by default, which looks inconsistent if the buttons and at least an element in the upper panel aren't bold as well.

Besides, it's a lot more legible, but that is just my personal opinion. I did leave the option in the gtkrc file, in the "Panels" section so you can disable the boldness if you don't like it. - Sep 27 2008
Well, feedback on the redesigned metacity/emeralds and bold text in panel-menus would be appreciated.

Also, I'd like to know wether people prefer the old borderless metacity (current default one) or the new alternate one. That way I can decide which metacity to keep as default. - Sep 26 2008
I don't mind the theme being modified, redistributed, or included anywhere since everything I release open source and freely available to the community. On the other hand, I don't really have the time or patience to deal with the bureaucracy involved with proposing artwork to any project.. and that's pretty much why I've never really done so.

Besides, as I've said before. Shiki sacrifices some usability for elegance, so widespread projects that require rock-solid stability may not want such a risky default.

As for the other thing you mentioned, I wouldn't worry too much about the two different versions. The clearlooks+murrine edition only adds modern scrollbars and progressbars, so the rest is exactly the same as the clearlooks version. If you can't use one, you're only missing out on very minor eye candy. - Sep 26 2008
Thanks! although I don't think anyone would get offended by that, heh. - Sep 26 2008
Glad to hear you appreciate the theme! - Sep 22 2008
Yeah it was a bit hard to find those. The workaround I posted is very dirty, I would have liked to be able to theme the bookmark and site info popup with a light background to match the buttons, but no matter what I just couldn't find the right values to make it so. For now, at least making it readable should be good enough.

Also, I chose a darker color than the one you suggested for the urlbar. This makes the corners blend in better, and still fixes the selected background issues. - Sep 19 2008
ok, try redownloading. shading should be fixed now. - Sep 18 2008
I see what you mean. I never use shading so I hadn't noticed it before, I'll try to fix it. Thanks! - Sep 17 2008
I try not to bump it up for minor releases (I mean, updated instructions aren't exactly urgent material). This way when there's a large update subscribers will be notified and it will be bumped up. If I bump it up for every minor thing, the urgency of major changes will lessen and people won't care to upgrade.

Maybe i'm too used to the deviantart system, when you only notify everyone when it's important. Besides, this theme seems to be quite popular regardless of how much time it spends on the front page, so it's best to leave that space to actual new artwork. - Sep 15 2008
Perhaps it was an issue that could have been fixed by logging out and back in, but I'm glad it works for you now! - Sep 15 2008
Thanks, that does work! However, it's really odd considering that the urlbar is already white. Well, nevermind. Silly firefox does silly things, but at least it's good to know you can fix some of them. - Sep 15 2008
That screenshot doesn't really seem like my theme. Try simply drag n' dropping the package to the appearance preferences, and then selecting it. - Sep 15 2008
The last two versions already had that fix implemented. I think you could have just upgraded to the latest shiki. - Sep 14 2008
I'll try to add at least a WINE colorscheme. I stopped theming windows years ago, so this is probably the best I can do now. - Sep 13 2008
The way Shiki and clearlooks dark work is different. Shiki requires absolutely transparent tray icons, while clearlooks dark can work without them (even though the icon itself will look a bit flat) - Sep 13 2008
If this happens, it means that the application you're using doesn't use transparent backgrounds for it's tray icons. There is nothing I can do about that. In these situations, it's best to report it as a bug in that project's website. - Sep 13 2008
I have a similar setup, and the panel's menus/menu items are the same size as most default themes. Perhaps, you're used to custom themes that use 16x16 icons or XFCE.

My themes, however, are very customizable. Just open the gtkrc file in a text editor, and edit line 13 according to the instructions. For example, it tells you that for smaller icons you can change the value "panel-menu=24,24" to "panel-menu=16,16"

Hope this helps! There's also lots more options like that, so feel free to try them and make the theme fit you best. - Sep 09 2008

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Jul 08 2009
elementary Icons

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Jul 08 2009
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