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Apr 09 2010
I like the display icons, maybe just make them widescreen - most displays nowadays have a wide aspect ratio.

As for Pidgin icons, you might want to recolor them blue and use them for Empathy or submit them to the Empathy project as a patch. Pidgin hardcodes their own in titlebars/taskbars, and Jimmac is working on new, better looking ones anyway. On the other hand, Empathy only has a scalable version with all the smaller sizes being just scaled down, and considering many distributions are switching to empathy - better icons are a must. Your current pidgin icons are great, although the 16px size could look sharper and clearer like this: - Jul 08 2009
Awesome release! Love to see more icons in more sizes.

The new folders are also beautiful, but shouldn't the smaller folders have the same design and perspective? It'd look much more consistent if either the small folders had no offset, or the large ones had a similar offset. - Jul 07 2009
Arc-Colors GDM-Walls

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Aug 03 2009
I've finished working on a night-time version of the new wallpapers, based on work of the same artist - so it's very consistent with them.

I know for wallpapers, animation could be implemented in xml, but can it be done in
GDM? Something like specifying bg.png for daytime and bg-night.png for night time?

I just don't know how it could be
implemented into GDM. If anyone has any ideas, feel free to let me know!

Rendering of (blue) night-time wallpaper: - Jul 07 2009
Thanks, the new wallpapers are based on work by Jonathan Heathcote, who relicensed his work for use with the project :)

More credits and author information in the AUTHORS file. - Jul 04 2009
New wallpapers with support for more resolutions and sources for dual displays are now included.

If anyone prefers the old and long-time used backgrounds, they are in the project page's downloads tab or in the subversion history. - Jul 04 2009
Just in case, source for arc-colors is here:

If you have Inkscape, making an background of any color you like is really easy... just:

1. Save file and open in Inkscape.
2. Select the blue background below the other objects.
3. On the toolbar to the left, click the second pointer icon (edit paths by nodes)
5. To your right, click "Edit..." under the color bar and choose any color you like.
6. Now just click SHIFT+CTRL+E and Export the image as "Page" with the resolution of your liking.
- Jul 02 2009
Just in case, source for arc-colors is here:

If you have Inkscape, making an background of any color you like is really easy... just:

1. Save file and open in Inkscape.
2. Select the blue background below the other objects.
3. On the toolbar to the left, click the second pointer icon (edit paths by nodes)
5. To your right, click "Edit..." under the color bar and choose any color you like.
6. Now just click SHIFT+CTRL+E and Export the image as "Page" with the resolution of your liking.
- Jul 02 2009

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Sep 25 2009
The problem with those - is that the spinner does not follow tango guidelines, so it'll be nearly invisible in dark panels. Even if I remade the spinners in a more tango-esque style, in smaller sizes the strokes would be too thick and it'd look awkard. Besides, I'm terrible at creating animated sets. - Jul 07 2009
Fixed in SVN. I just added some transparency gradients to the highlight stroke in gnome's globe. It's a simple change, but it does make a difference and it doesn't look inconsistent with all the other gnome icons that have similar globes. - Jul 06 2009
No problem! The package has been made over 4 times smaller by using a common icon library, so it's understandable that if you're used to installing just one set - it won't work correctly from now on.

Installing the gnome-colors-common folder is an extra step if you only plan to use one color variant, but it's convenience and overal file size considerations make it worth it. You can now just download a small 4.5 MB package which unpacks to only 20 MB of disk space, and get 6 complete icon sets! - Jul 06 2009
It's alright, although the blam icon is originally from the blam! feed reader. It was included for some time to help icon coverage in all sizes, but now that the blam package ships them in all sizes it was removed. - Jul 06 2009
Also, you must remove any previous gnome-colors installation.

It's always been recommended to do so before any update, but if you're upgrading to 5.0 from any older version, you must remove the older version. - Jul 05 2009
Ways of installing correctly:

* Dragging the gnome-colors-5.0.tar.gz file into Appearance Preferences.

* Extracting the .tar.gz file, and copying the gnome-* folders including gnome-colors-common to /usr/share/icons as administrator.

* Extracting the .tar.gz file, and running make install for system-wide installation or make user-install for per-user installation.

* Using the GNOME-Colors PPA or Ubuntu Karmic Koala and running sudo apt-get install gnome-colors

Either one of those ways of installing will work. - Jul 05 2009
It's still there. Did you install the icons correctly? You must install the "gnome-colors-common" folder, which contains almost all of the icons. If you don't install this folder, you'll only see action icons and folders. - Jul 05 2009
No problem.

Besides smaller sizes, you can create your own folder with only the icons you like - and then inherit from gnome-colors-common. That way you can have your own small, personalized icon set that will be safe and unchanged even if you update gnome-colors to a newer version. - Jul 05 2009
I'll take a look. I don't want to replace the actual internet icon, since icons based on it are used everywhere in GNOME - but a little bit or gloss or better gradients should make it look rounder and not cause inconsistencies with other icons that have the same globe. - Jul 05 2009
I haven't really changed anything regarding file manager icons other than adding new ones a while ago, perhaps it has to do with docky?

You can quickly switch to another icon set and see if it also happens there, if it does - then I imagine docky or nautilus are using the folder icon instead. - Jul 05 2009
The removal of firefox icons is due to trademark issues and Firefox itself hardcoding its own icons, requring the extras package for consistency. There's nothing I can do about it. All I can do is provide the stock firefox icons in "extras" so that they get installed in the proper place (usr/share/hicolor) and menus/docks can use them at the correct sizes. It doesn't fit with my set because it's not my icon, it's mozilla's brand new 3.5 branding ;)

The new desktop and system tool icons were redesigned from scratch. I think the new desktop icon is far more beautiful and the system cog looks better and more consistent in smaller sizes. If any of the changes bother you, there are older releases hosted in the project page - and now a subversion repository is set up so you can get any icon at any state of development.

As for emblems, the only ones that got removed are the ones that are already inherited from gnome-icon-theme. There is no reason to have them twice, and gnome's version as better translations so everyone wins. A few others that were removed were redundant, such as having "Pictures" when we already have "Photos", or "Danger" when we already have "Important".

While earlier versions were large due to having tons of unnecessary icons, everything has been streamlined to what is actually needed. It doesn't do anything to have a certain icon if it's application already ships the same or it can be satisfied by gnome-icon-theme. It's an icon set, not a backup of icons that are already inherited elsewhere. - Jul 04 2009
Everything is now hosted on the project page's SVN, makefiles are now distributed - and the packages are now smaller than ever.

Everyone should read the documentation before downloading, as the makefiles can be really useful for installation - and keep in mind that the "gnome-colors-common" folder is a required dependency, so you must install it regardless of whichever color variation you wish to use. - Jul 04 2009
If it uses the same folder names as Firefox, it can't be branded with a generic browser icon. I don't think it can be branded as Firefox either, since abrowser/shiretoko is not considered Firefox. - Jul 04 2009
They're the same as firefox, they're hardcoded in the titlebar and window list to use a blue globe. Perhaps in Extras? If you tell me the directories I could use GNOME's web-browser icons for shiretoko/abrowser in extras. - Jul 03 2009
No problem, enjoy! - Jun 30 2009
No problem, enjoy!

The wireless bars are blue for all themes to have more color consistency for wireless and other wireless applications, but they palette is really light and candy-esque, so it shouldn't stick out or look bad in the non-brave sets.

Then again, I'm hosting older revisions in the google code page for anyone who prefers any older icon. - Jun 30 2009
thanks, enjoy! - Jun 30 2009
I need to make one - the old one was a simple music note, it doesn't work as an accurate metaphor for the application. Don't worry, once I come up with something better it will be added. - Jun 30 2009
No problem, they were really easy to make.. only took me about 10 minutes for each size, as they're rather simple - but simple is good, and they are much better at describing signal strength, even at 16x16px. - Jun 30 2009
That's not really all sizes, there's only a scalable version - the smaller ones are simply resized png's of the larger image. - Jun 30 2009
If there's a nice tango iceweasel icon, sure... But I think the only one I've seen has a dead link and not all sizes.

You can probably just use gnome-icon-theme's web-browser icons and copy them to iceweasel, they're nice little generic browser icons. - Jun 30 2009
Get this updated version instead, it fixes some minor emblem positioning and is better packaged:

If you also get the newly uploaded gnome-colors, you'll get nicer desktop icons - so they may not bother you any more, even if you don't inherit from wise. - Jun 28 2009
Well, the gnome style is blue desktop/computer and tan folders.

You can, however, have any color you like... Just edit gnome-tribute's index.theme file in Gedit and change the "Inherits" line to another -colors set. If you prefer green devices, just change gnome-brave to gnome-wise in inherits. - Jun 28 2009
I like the new device and computer icons. The only ones I'm not really keen about are the current desktop icon, wireless icons, 32 and 48px volume icons, and few random application icons that almost no one sees.

Other than those exceptions, the included icons are all pretty much what they should be. I'm currently removing a ton of emblems that gnome-icon-theme already ships, so no need to have them twice. That free space can be better used for battery and power icons. - Jun 28 2009
Looks like a 16x16px globe should work for that. I'll add it to the extras. - Jun 28 2009
BTW the tan palette looks great in action! - Jun 28 2009
I'm trying to make new desktop icons. It's just about one of the last few 2-3 that don't look quite as right as they should. - Jun 28 2009
In case anyone's interested, I made a fun little extra color-scheme for gnome-brave.

It makes gnome-brave look more like gnome-icon-theme (the default gnome icon set).

It only has recolored folders and actions, and inherits the rest of it's icons from gnome-brave, so you need that installed for this to work.

It's a nice alternative to those who like blue, but not too much blue. It is however, just for fun and not part of the main project, it's just a little extra, unsupported add-on: - Jun 27 2009
Thanks, enjoy them! - Jun 27 2009
from issue 84:

I won't be adding back EasyTag
icons as the application hardcoded their own all over the place. If it was similar
icons it'd be alright, but the tag icons and EasyTag's were too different to have any
sort of icon consistency for that application - same with Picard. - Jun 26 2009
The problem with Iceweasel, is that like anything based on Firefox - it hardcodes their own icons everywhere, so it can't be fully themed outside of the extras package. Other than that, the icon you linked to is not available in all sizes, and one of the links is broken.

I'll look into Asounder or WinFF, if they don't hardcode icons and support theming it should be fine.

The following sticky is meant for missing icons or icon requests, just read the guidelines: - Jun 25 2009
Like Benjamin mentioned above, do not upgrade to 4.3-0~ppa2. Instead wait for 4.3-0~ppa3!

You will have missing or broken icons all across. It's best to hold off on the update.

This bug only affects the PPA version, the regular .tar.gz package in the downloads section is perfectly fine. - Jun 25 2009

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Aug 03 2009
They're not working for me either. I'll remove them from the description. - Jul 06 2009
I added the links to the description page, it should make it easier for Fedora users to get murrine. - Jul 05 2009
To be more exact, they're using menu font color for popup colors, instead of simply using popup colors. Any hybrid theme with dark menus will have this issue, I can confirm that it happens with Ubuntu's "Dust" as well. - Jul 04 2009
New update uses abstract wallpapers, even for the dust variant. - Jul 04 2009
Shiki-Dust is done. It's based on the easy variant because I can only fit one XFWM in the Dust folder, so I went with the one that is easiest to resize. - Jul 04 2009
New wave doesn't have dark menus. It only seems to happens to dark menus. - Jul 04 2009
This is a qgtkstyle bug, not a theme issue. It worked properly a few months ago (I think around their revision 830), then an updated revision broke dropdown menus. Perhaps a bug needs to be filed there. - Jul 03 2009
Just in case, source for arc-colors is here:

If you have Inkscape, making an background of any color you like is really easy... just:

1. Save file and open in Inkscape.
2. Select the blue background below the other objects.
3. On the toolbar to the left, click the second pointer icon (edit paths by nodes)
5. To your right, click "Edit..." under the color bar and choose any color you like.
6. Now just click SHIFT+CTRL+E and Export the image as "Page" with the resolution of your liking. - Jul 02 2009
I tried making one after I finished the dust icons, but the dust palette doesn't lend itself to the current wallpaper design... so much brown looked.. like something other than chocolate or coffee. I finally just ended up using the wallpaper from Ubuntu's Dust project.

I've been working on brand new either photo-realistic or abstract wallpapers, so perhaps once I get around to that - dust will get better consistency with the others. - Jul 02 2009
I think the wise version has readable contrast with selected bg (selected bg for panels is even darker, for better readability as well), although anyone can adjust this in appearance preferences, colors tab if it's any difficult.

As for human, the old version was a bit hard to read, but I think it's not an issue in the new version with the slightly darker/reddish palette.

Either way, Shiki fully supports theming from the Colors tab in Appearance preference, so as eyesight differs - people can change text or colors to suit their liking without messing with the theme files yet. - Jun 27 2009
It's being worked on. Perhaps for next release. - Jun 26 2009

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by jonian

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Jul 08 2009
elementary Icons

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by DanRabbit

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Jul 08 2009
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Jun 10 2009