Graphic Apps by googie 5 comments

Cool app but a little buggy yet.

I get SegFault when i do exactly:
- turn the 'synchronized' checkbox to on
- click Open and then Cancel the File Chooser
- click preview

Anyway, good work. Thanks! :)
- Feb 14 2005
Crystal Style

Wallpaper Other by raoulduke2 4 comments

That's right. Thanks for advice.

Once again thanks for the good work. Keep it! :)
- Feb 03 2005
Crystal Style

Wallpaper Other by raoulduke2 4 comments

This should be the default wallpaper in KDE.


Can you make other color version of this wallpaper? More blue (just like Default-blue or Blue-bend in KDE) would be cool :)
- Feb 01 2005

Wallpaper Other by yOyOeK1 4 comments

Pretty good! And from Poland :)

Pozdrawiam - Dec 25 2004

Database by knorr 40 comments

I've found this one and thougth so too. Thank you for your answer.
And one more thing I wanted to say: I like knoda very much! Thanks ;)
- Dec 02 2004

Database by knorr 40 comments

It's maybe a silly question but.. how to launch the table relations editor? I've seen it at screenshot (http://hk-classes.sourceforge.net/screenshots/relationeditor.html) but can't find a way to start it :) - Dec 01 2004

Wallpaper Other by Rvdsar 1 comment

Hey, you've really made it. Thanks ;)
- Nov 15 2004

Wallpaper Other by Rvdsar 2 comments

I can't wait for chickens ;)
- Nov 14 2004
Quanta Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by wojtasin 8 comments

I don't think it's an xmms skin. It's just default theme to beep-media-player.

Anyway, nice icons!

Regards from Poland ;) - Oct 29 2004

System Software by shie 103 comments

Ok. It works now and I've just registered. As soon as I compile the new 1.50 I'll think about some new features and try bother you more ;)
- Oct 18 2004

System Software by shie 103 comments

I got the newest Krusader from CVS. Much better! And I have new idea for you. (I tried to post it on your forum, but when I tried to register I had to give my login and password - pretty weird)
If some of them are already on your forum - sorry, i missed it, but I've read a lot of ideas there ;)

My idea is:
- could you please make an internal viewer be able to open in the same window as krusader? I mean 'embedded editor'. It could replace one panel or two. Maybe an option to decide.
- editor replaces one panel (when i press F4 on left panel, the left one could be replaced etc.)
- editor replaced both panels (like in mc)
- editor in outher window (just like it does now)

And please, please, please, give more options to viewer's shortcuts. I love mc's style of shortcuts (F7-find, F2-save, F12-save as, dbl. Esc/F10 - quit, Esc+l-go to line nr. etc.). it would be great. - Sep 28 2004
Kmenu (idea)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by andrej 14 comments

I am just thinking about one small (or maybe not so small) problem here.
OK, so I click the 'Games' group. Lets say I have about 40 games. What then? The menu will show all in one long bar? I wouldn't like that. But I like the idea to modify the K-Menu :) - Sep 22 2004

System Software by shie 103 comments

Cool, thanks :) - Sep 03 2004
Konqueror New Tabs Patch

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by dschrader 19 comments

I know it's not a best place for this note, but I got an idea while reading your comments: Could konqueror have an ability to close tab when clicked with Shift button? Just like Opera. - Sep 01 2004

System Software by shie 103 comments

That really is a great app. Exactly what i needed. But, maybe would be better with some more featrures like for example:
- keyboard shortcut which would let me to jump into command line by pressing eg. F2
- maybe add an option to change an action of button F2 (custom button). I could set custom shortcut in this button.
- internal viewer could have an option to save it's window position
- option to set Krusader to automaticly minimize into tray when I click a close button.

I hate using mouse and your app is just excellent for me. With this improvements it just would be a killer-app ;-)

Thanks guys, great job! - Aug 30 2004