Elegant Blackle

GTK3/4 Themes by blacklemon67 5 comments

From what I can tell and from what you've said It looks like you wrote this theme from scratch. (As you noted somewhere) That's impressive! And is certainly not easy to do! Must have been quite a journey. It has a few issues here and there but it looks like you are steadily improving it.

I like the design and simplicity. In code and theme. Keep up the great work! I will see if I can implement the Unity panel and a few other things. (I'm very short on time so I can't promise when.) If anyone else has more time then me, please help out with this theme! :) - Jul 31 2012

GTK3/4 Themes by lassekongo83 20 comments

Great work man! I've been designing a theme sorta like this actually, but you got it done! Great work like all your themes! Your a legend! - Jul 11 2012
eOS (Precise Elementary)

Full Icon Themes by LozanoJack 3 comments

The text above is in Spanish but I've tried to translate it. Heres what I believe it says:

An excellent theme based on the elementary set of icons. For use in and to make the most of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS in the environment Unity 5 environment.

PS: The theme is "elementary-icon-theme-2.71 " but tweaked to suit Ubuntu Desktop 12.04 LTS Unity.

Version 3.2.1:

> Fixed dependence on EOS-Dark, now works correctly.

Version 3.2:

> Fixed some icons on the panel.

> Icons were repaired some of the control center in Ubuntu 12.04.

Version 3.1:

> Fixed the icon \ "System-menu \" available in both Dark and Light.

> Fixed the icon for the panel DARK battery so that it displays correctly.

Version 3.0.1:

> Fixed icons GNOME control center 3.

> Updated the icon \ "DESKTOP \" in all its resolutions for a better fit. - Jul 08 2012

GTK3/4 Themes by satya164 50 comments

Yeah I think it's something LibreOffice may need to fix (Similar issue with Stock Ambiance and Netbeans IDE). I haven't been able to find a fix yet either. - Jun 25 2012

GTK3/4 Themes by satya164 57 comments

Ahh Hey now!

It may be the Icons in the screen-shot "Elementary" you are seeing but those are somewhat mac like but not mac.

This theme uses some Grey like mac os. but if you look at the elements a lot of them are very much different. and unique. (I in my humble opinion)

- Jun 24 2012

GTK3/4 Themes by catin136 3 comments

Hey it's nice to see a new version of the theme supporting Gnome/GTK 3.4!

Great work! I know it's a pain to port and re-port themes to newer versions of GTK.
- Jun 10 2012
Ubuntu Iron Grip (Wallpapers Pack)

Wallpapers Ubuntu by Arglinux 1 comment

Hey man, I just wanted to say this looks awesome! great work! Great color chocies.
I like the CarbonFiberish Cloth and the logo looks great too. Did you create it all from scratch?

Do you think it would be possible to release one blank one, without the logos? I think that would be cool too so theres no text for those minimalists out there.

Great work!

- Jun 02 2012
Ambiance Crunchy

GTK2 Themes by frombenny 38 comments

Hey it's cool to see you rolling your own theme I like your versions as well! :)

I'm Sorry I couldn't accept all of your patches or suggestions just yet. Some of the proposed changes I couldn't make yet to Ambiance and Radiance Colors because We are in middle of a redesign that effects the colors. And the main concern was to get a 12.04 version ported. now we are making it "perfect" hopefully :)

Once again great work! Thanks for sending your fixes and suggestions Awesome theme.

- May 28 2012

GTK3/4 Themes by catin136 3 comments

Relly great Idea and work here. Great job with the dark version of it.

I've been thinking on working on something like this as well!, great work! - May 01 2012
I Think He simply posted it in the clip-art section of gnomelook or something. But doing so for some reason puts it everywhere. unless you post it on the site Ubuntu-Art only.

It's great work. I guess the sorting gets some people upset. I don't think he purposely posted it on kdelook. That's just how it works unless you post to Ubuntu Mint or Debian look specificity. It's confusing at first. - May 01 2012

Wallpaper Other by LiquidSky64 8 comments

Awesome as always man!

Do you think for next work you would consider doing one with the galaxy effects and stars without the planets? I think that would be dang cool as well. - Mar 08 2012
FSF Blue Light

Wallpaper Other by IIJETHROII 2 comments

I think you mean GNU/FSF Blue Wallpaper :) - Mar 08 2012
Living Universe

Wallpaper Other by LiquidSky64 8 comments

Great work as always! :)

Did you make the background from scratch?

Cool! - Mar 02 2012

Wallpaper Other by coldmoon 2 comments

WOW Great work again! Thanks for sharing.

My only suggestion would be:
Perhaps Use a resolution of: 3200x2000 or 2560x1600. (I know it seems BIG but it's future proofing)

From what I've Herd Those resolutions are specially picked by Professionals. Photographers, Graphics Designers. Apple , MS. It allows Seamless compatibility on 2 displays as well.

I Have Color Idea.
Do you think you could make one like this with Grey and Dark Blue?

I noticed a few color artifacts. (That happens to me too!) you could try motion bluring , Guassin blurring to try to minimize the appearance.

Great work.
- Feb 23 2012

Wallpaper Other by coldmoon 2 comments

Thanks for shareing! your work is awesome! What Program did you use? - Feb 22 2012

GTK3/4 Themes by catin136 12 comments

Oh on second look it looks like you did use the colors on menus. etc... nice work.

The only thing I would do is try a sligtly lighter black. just for the heck of it :) - Jan 31 2012

GTK3/4 Themes by catin136 12 comments

Just saw the dark version your working on...
Nice Work! I'm Impressed! That would make an awesome Openbox GTK theme :)

My only suggestion (I may be way off here, if so disregrad) maybe try incorperating a bit of Dark Grey (Almost Black) into some of the elements... say the menus. That may make them stand out from the rest of the theme.
- Jan 31 2012

GTK3/4 Themes by catin136 12 comments

Hey I really like your idea of a simplistic flat theme. It reminds me a bit of "metro". But totally different and better.

I think your theme would look awesome in dark Grey! have you thought about it? Cool stuff man. - Jan 03 2012

GTK3/4 Themes by lassekongo83 22 comments

Hey Congratulations on another great theme my friend!
You have done really great work as always! - Dec 08 2011
Tux Christmas

Cliparts by mdh3ll 4 comments

Great work! :)

you should submit it to the openclipart project! they could always use some more penguins! :D - Dec 03 2011
Ubuntu HD Elegant Wallpaper 2560x1440

Wallpapers Ubuntu by oo0d3v1l0oo 5 comments

I suppose your right :) I guess everyone has different goals. I personally would like to empower people to use my stuff for anything they see fit commercial or not commercial. (I'm all open sourced like that). - Dec 01 2011
Ubuntu HD Elegant Wallpaper 2560x1440

Wallpapers Ubuntu by oo0d3v1l0oo 5 comments

I really like it! I just wish it was fully open source. allowing derivatives and commercial use. Some projects require that for legal reasons, I don't think anyone is going to steal or sponge off your work as it's of the Ubuntu brand so doing so would not really help anyone and wouldn't be nice.

I'm not sure what the requirements to get it included in Ubuntu are but this looks like it would be great. great work :) - Nov 30 2011
Gnome Cupertino

GTK3/4 Themes by trastes 589 comments

Good work buddy!
It looks like you implemented this from scratch on top of the gnome3 default theme?

So there aren't any copyrighted pixels from that "fruit" company right? :) - Nov 28 2011
Deep Blue Ice

Wallpaper Other by perjo132 2 comments

I like your design! cool looking wallpaper.
Have your tried making it a dark blueish hue? I think that would make it perfect!

Great work. - Nov 22 2011

Full Icon Themes by alecive 523 comments

I know your pain man! Its not your fault! :) I'm still trying to finish the new Gnome2 version of my theme (I've made major changes). I haven't even had time to look at Gnome3 yet! I can't seem to get a break! Right when I'm done with that it's off to Gnome3 Port. - Jul 28 2011
Metal'n'Wood Theme

GTK2 Themes by wmk69 11 comments

That sounds really great!
Especially the "Pine Wood" Theme
Thanks for all the hard work :) - Mar 11 2011
Metal'n'Wood Theme

GTK2 Themes by wmk69 11 comments

That sounds really great!
Especially the "Pine Wood" Theme
Thanks for all the hard work :) - Mar 11 2011
Metal'n'Wood Theme

GTK2 Themes by wmk69 11 comments

Hey I really like this theme and its concept! it has great potential. great work buddy!

I think you should pursue this! I think it would look cool with a lighter wood color. they text would probably show up much better too! Something tells me light yellowish shiny wood. Or Redish Shiny wood (Like Apple loves to use).

Anyway Great work voted up! :) - Mar 01 2011
The Amazing View

Wallpaper Other by ipad 4 comments

ipad you upload some cool wallpapers. I personally don't mind multiple uploads but some other people do. I mean your taking the time to post multiple links thats dedication!

However I would suggest to do one page for each wallpaper and have all the resolutions on that page in the links.
You should list the wallpaper as the biggest size you have available. :)
- Jan 31 2011

Full Icon Themes by Padster 17 comments

This reminds me of classic Nintendo(TM) Awesomeness! Great Job again :) - Jan 04 2011
grass lighter version

Wallpaper Other by veronx 2 comments

This is really great work! Great job! , Do you think you would ever consider releasing it under a creative commons license? That is You would have your name as the creator and no one could redistribute without giving you credit.

I'd Really like to include it in a wallpaper compilation Im creating.
Its your choice if you wanna keep it proprietary, anyway great work :)
- Jan 04 2011
Orange Ubuntu

Wallpapers Ubuntu by CroMario 4 comments

I totally Agree with padster and carukia!
this is an awesome wallpaper it should be the default ubuntu wallpaper in 10.10!

the current one in 10.10 just looks like purple with some lens flares put on it! yours is sweeet! - Sep 26 2010

Wallpaper Other by protti 4 comments

Wow Great Work, Two Thumbs Up! I'd give it more if I could! :) - Jul 04 2010
Not only sea

Wallpaper Other by plmegalo 8 comments

Great wallpaper! did you take this picture? it's awesome :) - May 14 2010
KDE4 Oxygen new port for GNOME

GTK2 Themes by kimmik 48 comments

The Download link is of a cat flying youtube video? - May 08 2010
Just to shed some light on this issue
you can use: http://ubuntu-tweak.com/
to change the window buttons to any side in a nice GUI way. or so I'm told :) - Apr 20 2010

Wallpapers Debian by tomsws 3 comments

This is Great Work! , I can't even make Blender draw a circle! way to go! :) - Apr 17 2010

Wallpaper Other by diegogmx 1 comment

This wallpaper should be in Ubuntu Studio!

A Rate Up From me! :) - Mar 31 2010
Glory Hills

Wallpaper Other by gdtechie 6 comments

I Like The Pic But the download link seems to be dead again! :(

Try a free file service Like MediaFire
they wont BS you :)

Rated Up! - Mar 31 2010
Leopard WP Mod

Wallpaper Other by Bignono 3 comments

Who cares, so what? Apple Deserves it for ripping Off FreeBSD! - Mar 27 2010
Audio/Video/Image/Text/ISO Convert

Nautilus Scripts by marc41 383 comments

Thanks for the upload this software works great :)

On an unrelated note Dang my friend! how many things do you have running during the screen shot ? lol :) - Mar 27 2010
SimpleUbuntu - Usplash

Usplash Themes by Spox5 1 comment

It's way better then Ubuntu's current purple theme! (In my opninon) Thanks :) - Mar 26 2010
Gnome-Style Ubuntu Wallpaper Remix

Wallpapers Ubuntu by brantpwns 2 comments

It's Very Original and cool!
All i'd say is remove the white background from the gnome logo and make the Gnome text white :) - Mar 26 2010
Ubuntu Star Remix Wallpaper

Wallpapers Ubuntu by brantpwns 5 comments

I gotta agree Debian makes me quite frustrated at times! (Because of its breakage) but i still love it. I'm a Fedora person though. - Mar 26 2010
PIdgin Tray Status Icon set (Tux)

Full Icon Themes by fbgnomelook 4 comments

A Wonderful Idea! :)
Thanks for sharing ! - Mar 26 2010
New Wave Lucid theme

GTK2 Themes by paullinux 5 comments

Nice Work Compiling this theme,
I Believe you can get the new Ubuntu Metacity theme somewhere if you'd like :)
Though this purple step on ubuntu's part is not to my taste it's not your fault. great work, so i rate up your theme! :D
- Mar 06 2010
Ubuntu Break Free

Wallpapers Ubuntu by benfelts70 2 comments

It looks cool dude but you should add a preview! :) - Feb 28 2010

GTK2 Themes by Phrodo00 3 comments

Nice Thanks for sharing your work :) - Feb 28 2010

GTK2 Themes by vulpesferrilata 3 comments

Looks just like CDE ! that's crazy! Thanks for taking the time :) - Feb 27 2010
Tubular Hell

Wallpaper Other by plmegalo 4 comments

I Love it! - Feb 06 2010