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Mas And Rome, Italy
Humanity Towards Others

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Feb 03 2008
Thanks for your information, but I meant the GNOME panel background not the AWN one :-)

Thanks in advance :-)

masand - Feb 04 2008
Thanks for your wallpaper!!!

Could you tell me the name of your panel background or where I can get it?

Thanks, again, for your work and sorry for my english :-)

masand - Feb 04 2008
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Jan 25 2008
your job is fantastic!!!

Could you tell me the name of the icon theme you've used in the screenshot?

Thank you.

masand - Jan 24 2008

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Feb 21 2008

Do u think u will release sources or binaries?

Thanks for your job, I'd like your apps will be integrated in GNOME...

Sorry for my english.

masand - Jan 13 2008
Hi guys,
there are news for this amazong application?


masand - Jan 10 2008
now, you are my hero!!! :-)

I look forward to the next release (it also will be stable?)!

masand - Jan 04 2008
you have done a wonderfull and usefull application!!!


Do you think you will improve your app with the possibility to manage the "button dimension (height - widht)"?

I apologize for my english... I hope you understand me. :-)

masand - Jan 03 2008
"Aqua Dreams" theme

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Feb 05 2008
I'm an intalian ubuntu user and I like your job very much.

Do you think to make a blue version of your pack?

Greetings to all...
masand - Jan 05 2008
Sandwich Gtk and Emerald

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by lyrae
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Dec 27 2007
Thanks for your job... very, very amazing!!!

I have a question:

Which font you've used in the first screenshot?

Greetings to all...
masand - Dec 28 2007
Pidgin - Fedora 8 wallpaper

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by cvkef
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Dec 12 2007
you've done a good job, but I've a problem: I don't have any folder called "purple" in my home.

Ubuntu Gutsy is my distribution and I don't know how to install correctly your pidgin wallpaper...

Can you help me?

Thanks in advance...

masand - Dec 13 2007
CrashBit (Fedora/Ubuntu)

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Sep 06 2008
Hi guys,
how to install this icon theme on my Ubuntu?

Thanks in advance.

- Dec 09 2007

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Dec 04 2007
Hi guys,
good work!!!

Could you make a version without ubuntu logo?


masand - Dec 04 2007
Deep Jonny

GTK2 Themes 4 comments

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Oct 03 2007
grat job guy!!!

Please could you tell me wich GTK engine use your theme?

Thanks in advance.

masand - Oct 04 2007

by lgsalvati

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9   Mar 26 2013
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9   Oct 20 2012