I Wish

Wallpaper Other by antignu1 11 comments

I for one would certainly choose Windows over Linux if it were stable, secure, and free of constant virus/adware/spyware attacks. It's the most popular OS in the world and so is the most widely supported. My life, however, requires an OS that has all of the attributes Windows, in its current iteration, lacks and therefore I choose Linux. - Dec 18 2004

Wallpaper Other by deep 9 comments

Dude, lay off with the criticizing! If you think you can do better, why don't you make the "corrections" you suggested yourself! I think the penguin looks just fine and so does the reflection for that matter. Chill out! - Nov 10 2004
Broken Windows (updated)

Wallpapers Windows by cmost 5 comments

I would be happy to post larger resolution versions of this image. I believe the "fuzziness" you are experiencing is indeed from the canvas effect, as I began the project in native 1024x768 resolution. I used the canvas effect because it gave the most realistic overall effect when the jigsaw puzzle filter was applied. Thanks for the positive feedback. At first I was worried someone would flame me for creating an image that was a knockoff of another one on this site. That one inspired this one. Stay tuned, I have a few more cynical images in the works. - Oct 17 2004
NoteBook Linux Certified

Icon Sub-Sets by ursaix 9 comments

Ah, I would imagine it's for sticking on notebooks (or other hardware) that is certified for, or pre-loaded with Linux. Seems pretty self explainatory! - Oct 06 2004