Linux-Mint-Light-Green Suite

Various Gnome Stuff by cmost 6 comments

This is the Aurora Gtk Engine. It's very sleek and professional. I've modified it to use my preferred colors; you can do the same! :-) You can get it here:
- Jan 18 2008

Wallpapers Ubuntu by joeDaniels1016 2 comments

Ubuntu is not binary compatible with Debian and so cannot be considered a Debian variant. A derivative to be sure, but not a variant. Oops! - Jan 15 2008
Extra space in widgets

Various Gnome Stuff by juaka 12 comments

I literally cannot tell the difference between the two screenshots. You guys must be really anal-retentive. - Jan 10 2008
Ubuntu Fusion

GTK2 Themes by Fuz2y 13 comments

This GDM theme is based on my original design 'Linux Mint Glass' ( on which 'Debian Natural' (and then 'ubuntu_natural') was based. :-) Looks good! - Jan 08 2008

Various Gnome Stuff by curs0r 22 comments

We've needed something like this for ages (I can't believe a utility like this hasn't been out since Gnome's inception!) Thanks! I look forward to the first stable release! - Jan 02 2008

Conky by chet 2 comments

What exactly does this do? - Dec 31 2007
Complete Vista Aero theme (automated)

Various Gnome Stuff by Sunsparc 96 comments

I don't understand this insane need to transform Gnome into Vista. Blech! - Dec 29 2007
Complete Vista Aero theme (automated)

Various Gnome Stuff by Sunsparc 96 comments

Why not just run Vista? - Dec 23 2007
Mint Cairo-Clock

Cairo Clock by McLovin 2 comments

You know what, I was going to make a cairo-clock theme for Linux Mint and you beat me to the punch! This is very nice! - Dec 22 2007
AWN Theme

AWN Themes by Necsus 2 comments

Doesn't this theme require the variant of Avant-Window-Navigator, AWN Curves? The two are different programs. - Dec 21 2007

GTK2 Themes by xlcheese 4 comments

Ugh! Orange themes are so hideous. Sorry, just my opinion. - Dec 17 2007
Linux Mint Multi Glass Suite

Various Gnome Stuff by cmost 3 comments

The icon theme is Gion-blu (obviously a variant of the great Gion icon theme.) You can grab it here:
Enjoy! - Dec 16 2007

GDM Themes by jmariani 7 comments

This alternative logon theme for Windows has been around for years and was created long before Stardock released their Windows Welcome screen theme application. You really shouldn't give Stardock credit for it, rather find the original author and credit him or her. Secondly, I can't understand why anyone would want to adorn their powerful Linux workstation with a pathetic Windows logo. - Dec 16 2007
hardy concept

Various Gnome Stuff by tripod4 10 comments

While this theme might be appropriate for a few individuals, it lacks mass appeal. I can speak for many people when I say that Ubuntu needs to ditch the garish oranges, browns, blacks and other "earthy" color schemes for awhile. They've been using such themes since the very beginning and it's starting to get real old. Instead of a group of devs sitting around asking each other what they like (or even asking the community) they should take a look at usability studies conducted over the years that indicate people's preferences for certain color schemes and then design something for Hardy accordingly. I would like to see something much more refreshing (and more professional) for the upcoming release. - Dec 04 2007
Shadows of the waves

Wallpaper Other by sparkledesign 7 comments

I think it's absolutely gorgeous as is! In fact, if you don't mind, I've created an entire gnome theme based around this stunning wallpaper. :-) Stay tuned. - Dec 03 2007
Vista Glow Emerald Green

Beryl/Emerald Themes by cmost 20 comments

It's the Cairo-Titan-Pack. I'm using the grey variant. Enjoy! :-)

- Nov 28 2007
Vista Glow Emerald Green

Beryl/Emerald Themes by cmost 20 comments

I didn't mean to be short with you. I just had another user recently jump all over me with a nasty PM for using some minor part of his theme in a modification I did. It was released GPL!!!! I thought the whole point of open source and GPL was to add to or improve others work so the entire community benefits. No hard feelings! :-) - Nov 28 2007
Vista Glow Emerald Green

Beryl/Emerald Themes by cmost 20 comments

Oops. I saw clock and the "c" and "l" together looked like a "d". LOL! Sorry, this is Cairo-clock with a custom theme. - Nov 28 2007
Vista Glow Emerald Green

Beryl/Emerald Themes by cmost 20 comments

As I mentioned above, this is Avant-Window-Navigator. I'm using 'Shotglass' theme (you can get it here:
AWN is, by far, the best dock for Gnome! - Nov 27 2007
Vista Glow Emerald Green

Beryl/Emerald Themes by cmost 20 comments

Because it was the closest I could find until I made my own. Look, I credited you with the colors. What else do you want? As you can see, the rest of the theme is clearly Vista Glow! if you don't want people borrowing bits and pieces of your work then don't release it GPL. - Nov 27 2007
Vista Glow Emerald Green

Beryl/Emerald Themes by cmost 20 comments

Avant Window Navigator. Very awesome! - Nov 27 2007
Vista Glow Emerald Green

Beryl/Emerald Themes by cmost 20 comments

No, the original, original can be found here:

Vista Glow is the theme I modified, not yours. I only used your colors. :-) - Nov 27 2007
Discovery Icon Theme

Full Icon Themes by hylkebons 22 comments

Let's see, another orange theme. Let me guess, for Ubuntu? Figures. - Nov 23 2007

Various Gnome Stuff by onealdom 3 comments

What makes it specific to Gutsy? Linux != Ubuntu - Nov 18 2007
Linux Mint Leaf Glass suite

Various Gnome Stuff by cmost 3 comments

I'm sorry I didn't reply to you sooner. I'm not running Linux Mint 4.0 myself, but, I'm assuming that it doesn't come with the Gnome Splash Screen manager installed by default. This little program (which I describe in my instructions) makes managing gnome splash screens a snap. To install it, open Synaptic package manager and search for "gnome splash". That should locate the package called gnome-splashscreen-manager. Mark it for installation. When installation is complete, you can invoke the program by searching for it in your MintMenu (Daryna menu) or simply type ALT+F2 and typing "gnome-splashscreen-manager". If your search in Synaptic reveals the gnome-splashscreen-manager is already installed and my instructions didn't work, then you can always install new splash screens the rough and dirty way. Open a Terminal and type "sudo nautilus". When the file manager opens, browse to /usr/share/pixmaps/splash. Locate the splash screen you see when you log in and rename it to filename.png.bak (assuming "filename" is whatever the file is named.) Next, copy in the new splashscreen; rename it to filename.png (where filename equals whatever you just renamed.) Close everything and logout, then back in again. You should see the new splash! Yay! I hope this helps. Please let me know if I can assist you further. Cheers! - Nov 17 2007
Metal Mint 3

Wallpapers Mint by MCP 4 comments

errr, I meant "all two..." :-) - Nov 16 2007
Metal Mint 3

Wallpapers Mint by MCP 4 comments

This one would make a gorgeous Login Window, Gnome-splash, wallpaper set. If you're interested, I'll take a stab at producing all three and PM you with a preview before releasing. Good work! - Nov 16 2007
Metal Mint 1

Wallpapers Mint by MCP 1 comment

Very elegant. I'm pleased to see so many enthusiastic contributers to Linux Mint. It's already a great looking distro...with so many contributions, it will be THE best looking distro bar none. Keep up the great work! - Nov 11 2007
Mint Curves

Wallpapers Mint by MCP 5 comments

Hi! Matching GDM Login Window theme now complete! Grab it here:
Enjoy! - Nov 07 2007
Mint Curves

Wallpapers Mint by MCP 5 comments

This is really gorgeous. I hope Clem considers this an option for the default int he upcoming Daryna release. I'd like to incorporate it into a matching GDM Logon Window theme, if you can supply a version without the logo (I'll place the Mint logo on the logon window itself rather than the background image.) Great job!!!! - Nov 05 2007
Now that's what I call a login screen with class! I'm the one who created the theme this one is based on. I agree, Ubuntu default themes are UGLY! It's like someone over there is trying to use every shade of crap brown and puke orange they can. Ubuntu devs need some real art direction and I hope they take a cue from UbuntuStudio's play book. Great job! - Oct 26 2007
Apple Mac OSX Session Login

GDM Themes by webstyler 16 comments

I can't understand why someone would want to use another OS's logo & theme in a logon window for Ubuntu Linux? I could see it if you modified the theme to replace Apple's (copyrighted) logo with Ubuntu's logo. Someone will sit down to your PC and be immediately confused after logging into what they think is a Mac. Seems dumb to me. - Oct 23 2007
Mint-Clouds GDM Theme

GDM Themes by dcosner 2 comments

Love it! Keep the Linux Mint loving coming! :-) - Oct 16 2007
Mint Exaile Theme

Various Gnome Stuff by dcosner 2 comments

I'm not sure if you're making all of these similar looking Mint themes for various applications but in my opinion, they're too dark and garrish. Exaile already has a soothing, pale green splash. That's the color you should be working with when construction all of your other "mint" splash screens and "mint" related content. You might also take a look at Linux Mint's icons. They, too sport a pale green. The uber dark green clashes with the soothing pale greens of the Mint desktop. - Oct 07 2007
Clear Blue

Wallpaper Other by VemeC 6 comments

Umm, not significantly, when you're going from say 1024x768 to 1280x1024 for example. You certainly don't lose resolution when shrinking an image. My advice would be to post large images and let people shrink them to what they need. - Sep 25 2007
Clear Blue

Wallpaper Other by VemeC 6 comments

Do people not know how to use Gimp? Whenever people make requests for particular sizes of wallpaper, it never ceases to amaze me. I've come to the conclusion that people just don't know how to resize an image themselves. People listen up: Open up the wallpaper image in Gimp; goto the menu and select 'image' then 'scale image'. Set the size to anything you need (click on the little chain symbol to break size aspect ratio lock.) Note: you can crop the image to your liking before you resize it. Click 'file' then 'save'. Now you have a wallpaper in the size you want. Wow! Wasn't that simple? - Sep 24 2007
Custompiz 1.0 Emerald theme

Beryl/Emerald Themes by berylog 4 comments

Your emerald theme, while nice looking, looks exactly like the 50 million other Vista-like Emerald themes I've seen here and elsewhere. Take a look in the mirror and repeat: "Linux is not Vista." Repeat as often as necessary. - Sep 03 2007
Root Actions Servicemenu

Dolphin Service Menus by kubicle 228 comments

The title of this script is a bit misleading. This works perfectly fine with pure Debian (tested with Debian Sid.) I suspect it would work with any Debian based distribution. Apparently some people think Ubuntu is the ONLY distribution. - Jul 03 2007

Various Gnome Stuff by ThrowRocksAtMe1 38 comments

What icon theme are you using in the last screenshot? Looks very nice and polished. Thanks! - Jun 17 2007
Vista aero

Beryl/Emerald Themes by pinguino2 4 comments

Anyone with Beryl and Emerald can run this theme. Many people seem to have the mistaken impression that Ubuntu = Linux. Not the case. While it's true I'm an Ubuntu user myself, I recognize the fact that Ubuntu isn't the only flavor. - Jun 10 2007
ubuntu start button

Various Gnome Stuff by bumper 9 comments

How does one install this start button? - May 24 2007
Lindows XP panel

Various Gnome Stuff by dere 4 comments

This is just silly beyond words. - May 23 2007
Windows XP Login

Gnome 2 Splash Screens by onny 12 comments

This is just silly. You're running Linux, not Windows. - May 06 2007
Ubuntu Aqua light blue

Wallpapers Ubuntu by cmost 2 comments

Well, considering there are a plethora of tutorials online for how to create this wallpaper image, there is no way to tell if I made this myself, or borrowed a stock image. Try a google search under images and you'll find literally hundreds of sites distributing aqua-ish backgrounds. Mine is an original work. - Apr 07 2007
Ubuntu Smooth Blue

GDM Themes by zwaldowski 17 comments

Exactly what I was looking for. I don't care for Ubuntu's oranges and browns. Blech! - Mar 31 2007

GDM Themes by bersace03 8 comments

This looks quite nice. Unfortunately, I hate Ubuntu's default color scheme and have changed mine to a soothing shade of blue. How about creating a version of your GDM theme in 'Blubuntu' colors. Thanks! - Mar 26 2007
Ubuntu Mixium

Wallpapers Ubuntu by mixium 5 comments

You do realize that looks like a penis don't you? - Mar 20 2007
Why? - Mar 10 2007
Vista Impossible

Cliparts by BlackStone 34 comments

This sticker is awesome! I love it! Thanks for a great laugh. I should include this on all my home built Linux boxes. - Feb 15 2007
Ubuntu Wallpaper

Wallpapers Ubuntu by ubuntuwallpapers 9 comments

I saw this one on the Net ages ago, right after Ubuntu was lambasted for using tastefully but unclothed models for artwork in the early releases of the first edition of Ubuntu. This is great! - Jan 11 2007