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Karamba patched

Karamba & Superkaramba 74 comments

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Apr 18 2003
And don't forget using namespace then ;-) - Apr 19 2003

KDE Plasma Screenshots 18 comments

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Apr 17 2003
Thanks for moving it, and great screenshot. The only thing I don't like is the gold ball in the middle. I'd like something less intrusive... but then, that's easy to fix ;-) - Apr 17 2003
And what's the improvement? I think this is just a screenshot isn't it? This should go in "Screenshots" section, unless you ask for/offer something new in this screenshot. - Apr 16 2003
silver color scheme

KDE 3 Color Schemes 14 comments

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Apr 17 2003
Yes, I have them hidden, but still I can see them.
I'm using it with the "shading", and for some reason, in the place that the applet handles are, kicker doesn't have shading, so they're completely transparent. - Apr 17 2003
I found the shadowed text patch: - Apr 17 2003
>(...) slightly darker than (...)

Sorry, it's not darker. I should have said that it's more transparent than the rest. I think it's just that the fading doesn't work in the applet handles. - Apr 17 2003
For the shadow text, there's a hack here in kde-look. I can't find it right now though.

For the transparent kicker, that's a new kde feature in the cvs head. The only thing I cannot tell how he did is that the applet handles have the same transparency as the rest. In the current cvs they're slightly darker than the rest of the menu. - Apr 17 2003
Ah, thanks, I thought it was a new C# devel tool or similar. :-) - Apr 17 2003
What's that C# applet thingy in the system tray? Just curious. - Apr 17 2003

Wallpaper Other 5 comments

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Apr 15 2003
Nah, the fatter one is SuSe, bloated with 8 CD's, and the thinner one is Knoppix with only one ;-) - Apr 16 2003
Design a New Logo for

Single Icon/Logo 18 comments

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Apr 21 2003
Sorry to hear that.

Actually, didn't you post the sources for the site right here in kde-look? Was it you? I remember testing some new style for the new website. That was a pretty good design.

I thought it was the same guy the one that was making the actual changes.

What I see from the developers is that they rarely care about what happens in kde-look. I bet 80% of them still didn't hear of karamba :-)

They usually don't care unless the author posts an e-mail right to their mail lists. - Apr 16 2003
Hey, go for it, then! The more submissions, the more chances we have to find an even better logo - Apr 15 2003
>Please don't accuse people like
> root66 for nothing.

I'm not trying to accuse anyone, but his comment on top of this list seems to mean just that, and luci seemed to believe it.

That's why I was asking for a clear explanation, sorry.

Appart from that,... I'm really willing to see the new logo. I just wish the participants had a bit more flexibility without being constrained to the "official" logos. That way we could have a new logo for the 4.x series ;-)
- Apr 15 2003
Ok, please don't behave like children and let's put things clear:

1.- Was root66 the one that made the original logo?
2.- If so, why the hell are you root66 behaving like that? Let us know: are_you or are_you_not giving it?
3.- Navindra: did you even ask for the source?

My opinion: if root66 is the author and doesn't want to share it, ok, no matter how good it is, I don't want it, since it's going to be crap without the source, so let's go on with the competition.

Sorry for being so harsh, but you look like children making a war out of just a picture. - Apr 14 2003
by uga
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Oct 14 2003
That's probably because the symlinks have an absolute (not relative) path. I'll have a look at it. Anyway, I wouldn't like to update the package just for that. I don't want to force people to download anything when there're no actual changes... - Apr 14 2003
It seems to work here for mozilla, but I can't test galeon, since I have almost nothing installed from gnome, but for the few apps that I have installed it seems to work.

What you can actually do is, open a terminal, and type:


Then in the same terminal, run galeon. It will (should) show all the numbers (hashes) that are being used for the cursors. You'll see the cursor, and a number. You only need to symlink that number to the correct cursor. - Apr 13 2003
kicker-deskmenu-appmenu integration?

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 11 comments

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Apr 10 2003
I'd rather have something functional than have something pretty, but annoying and useless.

For once, I would never be able to use that thingy up there, since I have an external taskbar on top hidden. I find that much more useful than an external toolbar.

And see this problem as an example:

Have two or more different apps open at the same time (like kword and konqueror for example):

When one of the apps gets the focus, you cannot see the menubar of the other app, until it gets the focus. That's pretty annoying, and slows down things when one uses many apps at the same time. - Apr 10 2003
Karamba Weather Theme

Karamba & Superkaramba 7 comments

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Aug 08 2004
Going to install right now :-) - Apr 08 2003

Screensavers 18 comments

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Apr 08 2003
If you want to develop a project with kdevelop, it's not enough to keep "main.cpp". You cannot get rid of the rest, otherwise your project won't build. You need the configure scripts an the rest of stuff, and build it as you would for any other kde project.

I think this is what you meant at least? - Apr 07 2003
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Apr 06 2003
They have done a nice work actually. Cute cursors, and really usable and visible.

10 out of 10 :-) - Apr 06 2003

Karamba & Superkaramba 222 comments

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Apr 14 2003
The thing I said above is wrong! (/me stupid)

it should be

--prefix=/usr (and not --with-kde-dir) - Apr 06 2003
I'm not a RH user, ... but did you try using this?

./configure --with-kde-dir=/usr

It will install in the directory /usr/bin

you can also add

--with-qt-dir=.... if you have qt installed in some strange place. - Apr 06 2003
:-P Sorry, I pointed to the first obvious address that I could think of. I didn't bother finding any news server... - Apr 03 2003
Is in the path?

type for example:

You should see some text coming from google - Apr 03 2003
What compiler are you using? It seems that your compiler is a bit pickier than mine ;-) Or it maybe the qt version also...

Edit line no. 394 of src/karamba.cpp, and add "ascii()" like this:

mntPt = (mntPt == "" )?"/":mntPt.ascii();

Now type "make" again. Does this help? - Apr 03 2003
I said it wrong at first. The package at least in my case is not called "xmms-devel" but "libxmms1-devel".

It should be among your distro's packages. I use mdk 9.1, so I just type "urpmi libxmms1-devel" or even "urpmi xmms-devel" and you should have it upgraded either from the CD's or the mirrors that you use. - Apr 02 2003
Thanks for translating it :-)

Actually the qt libraries are so well documented that one ends up doing things much more simple (even for non-gui apps, see sql libraries and so on...) - Apr 02 2003
Sorry, I mentioned the wrong package name. It may be libxmms1-devel. That's the package that provides xmmsctrl.h for me. - Apr 02 2003
You need to install xmms-devel. That should fix it. - Apr 02 2003
Did you install kdelibs-devel? You'll need the headers of KDE to compile it. If it's there, then try to specify what directory kde is installed on with "--prefix=/usr/local/kde" or similar.

The file should be found in $KDEDIR/include/ - Apr 02 2003
Egunen baten jendeak ikasiko ote du ganoraz idazten orraittio.... inork azalduko dit zer letxes esaten ari den goiko hau? - Apr 02 2003
KDM/XP Logon Icons

Icon Sub-Sets 16 comments

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Mar 27 2003
That's because he used Xnest to take the screenshot (it opens a nested Xwindow)

Try "Xnest :2" - Mar 27 2003
Take another look. He she didn't upload anything illegal.

The download is just a screenshot. Is it illegal taking a screenshot of XP icons? - Mar 27 2003
nice idea.

BTW, Nice to see your screenshot at last! ;-) - Mar 27 2003

Icon Sub-Sets 14 comments

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Mar 28 2003
  • "The web site you are trying to access has exceeded its allocated data transfer"

  • He must be ;-) - Mar 27 2003
    mi escritorio

    KDE Plasma Screenshots 7 comments

    by vicko
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    Mar 25 2003
    Muchas gracias - Mar 26 2003
    Thanks for the links.

    But I wouldn't say devianart is so impressive. There's plenty of crap in there (see ) And that's only one of the many links you can see in the front page! If anything like that turned up in kde-look, it would be immediately annihilated.

    Not only that, devianart is not kde related: no skins, no kde iconsets, no windecs, no xfree cursors, no themes,...

    Don't try to compare a golden apple to a rotten orange. - Mar 26 2003
    Cu - Mar 25 2003
    Golden XCursors 3D

    Cursors 26 comments

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    Jun 29 2003
    I'm not an expert, but... wouldn't it look better if you used a raytracer such as yafray? there are two things that I don't like at the moment in blender: reflections and the lack of an "undo" button (you get used to fake lights and save frequently, but that's not the point :-( ) - Mar 24 2003
    I have no words to describe your work... stunning! Congratulations. - Mar 24 2003
    Report from the front: KDE 3.2+ ?

    KDE Plasma Screenshots 13 comments

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    Mar 24 2003
    Thanks for moving it to the screenshots section :-) - Mar 24 2003
    Ok, sorry, there's something new that one cannot find for kde 3.1.1: gideon. The rest of things are fairly easy to be installed in the current stable version (even kontact) - Mar 24 2003
    First of al, could you please move it to the screenshots sections before I rate it down? Thanks

    Second, slicker is not in 3.2 cvs and might not even get it there, so dont mislead people.

    Appart from that, you're not showing anything new to people... so what's the reason for this posting? (appart from showning off your desktop) - Mar 24 2003
    Hail & Farewell Columbia

    Various KDE 1.-4. Styles 12 comments

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    Mar 22 2003
    I meant remove the line, not the file! (just in case) - Mar 23 2003
    I'm not an expert in fonts configuration, but I think you have a fontpath that does not exist.

    Check if the directory (....fonts/CID) exists first. If it doesn't, check if the directory is mentioned in

    /etc/X11/fs/config (is this still used? You can modify it also with chkfontpath)

    If it's there and the directory doesn't exist, just remove it. This should solve the error. - Mar 23 2003
    Have you tried to do something like this?

    Xnest -query hostname :2

    That should open a new nested window, and open session in that host. Then you can use ksnapshot to take a screenshot of it. - Mar 23 2003
    Oh, sorry, that's for ksplash...
    I'll try again for kdm, and let you know :-( - Mar 23 2003
    oh, man.... nobody answered you so far? I thought you would have solved this so far.

    Ok, I tried this and it worked. Simple.

    Open ksnapshot. Don't select the option "Only grab the window... blah blah". Choose a delay of say 5-10seconds.

    Press "New Snapshot"

    Now quick, press Alt+F2, and execute ksplash. You'll see ksplash starting. And at some point you'll hear the "beep" of ksnapshot taking the photo of your nice screen.

    Then right click on the screen, and this will close ksplash.

    Now you have a nice shot! ;-) - Mar 23 2003
    Have a look at this thread. The themes for kdm are (or were maybe) on the way.

    the problem is that Mosfet was involved in this thing. Now that he's in hiatus... I don't know. There's no postings about this since their "irc theme conference" or whatever they called it. - Mar 23 2003

    Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 7 comments

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    Mar 19 2003
    If you symlink:

    08e8e1c95fe2fc01f976f1e063a24ccd -> left_ptr_watch

    you shouldn't need any patch. It just works for me (well, I'm using KDE CVS, but it's been working for a long while now) - Mar 20 2003